Faculty Salary Equity Study

Attracting and retaining talented faculty through fair compensation practices is critical to fulfilling the University of Oregon’s mission, and the university is committed to ensuring that faculty compensation complies with federal and state law, and collective bargaining agreement (CBA) requirements. The current faculty salary equity study demonstrates this commitment.

The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether salary inequities exist for tenured and tenured-track faculty that are related to gender, race, or ethnicity, and if so, to help chart a path to eliminate inequitable compensation.

Completing this study fulfills the university’s agreement under the memorandum of understanding reached between the university and United Academics.

Scope of the Study

The university hired Berkeley Research Group, LLC to review and analyze salaries of tenured and tenured-track faculty and conduct a pay-equity analysis related to gender, race, and ethnicity.

The study will collect salary data, analyze, review, and interpret results, and generate findings related to salary differences. Tenure-track and tenured faculty members with salary differences that are not explained by lawful criteria may receive an equity adjustment from the FY19 salary raises pool consistent with Article 26 of the CBA.

Although this study does not address non-tenure-track faculty members, the university is committed to pay-equity among all faculty members, including assessing external pay equity issues among NTTF consistent with the CBA as a next step.


The university is committed to an expeditious review of the findings following the completion of the data collection and analysis. The salary equity study will be completed through several phases:

  • Phase I-Data collection and review (fall 2018)
  • Phase II-Data analysis and additional data review as necessary (fall 2018/early 2019)
  • Phase III-Findings and recommendations (May 2019)
  • Phase IV-Office of the Provost action plan (July 2019)

Project Updates

The Office of the Provost provides periodic updates on the progress of the project.

Details about the study's next steps can be found on the study overview page.

Faculty Salary Equity Study Work Group

The provost is ultimately charged with making final determinations with respect to the vendor’s study, evaluating the data, and determining next steps. To ensure faculty input on these matters, the provost has convened an advisory faculty work group to assist with the study, which includes a representative from United Academics, faculty selected by United Academics and the Office of the Provost, and university administrators. This work group makes important contributions to the study by:

  • Answering questions regarding the structure of the university, the structure of certain academic departments, and the university’s practices generally with regards to faculty salary.
  • Reviewing data from the residual analysis.
  • Providing feedback throughout the process.

 Work Group Members:

  • Chris Sinclair – President, United Academics
  • Trudy Cameron, College of Arts & Sciences – Faculty
  • Andy Marcus, College of Arts & Sciences – Faculty
  • Daisy-O’lice Williams, College of Design – Faculty
  • Janis Weeks, College of Arts & Sciences – Faculty
  • Missy Matella – Senior Director of Employee and Labor Relations, Human Resources
  • Jamie Moffitt – Vice President of Finance and Administration & CFO
  • Scott Pratt – Executive Vice Provost
  • JP Monroe – Director of Institutional Research

Questions regarding this study should be directed to OtP@uoregon.edu.