Academic Personnel

The Office of the Provost works closely with the deans and administrative units on appointment processes and personnel matters related to tenure-track faculty, non-tenure-track faculty, and officers of administration. Such matters are administered in partnership with Human Resources - Operations.

Learn about processes and procedures for TTF promotion and tenure cases, including dossier elements, timeline, and tenure-clock considerations.
Expectations for full-time tenure-track faculty members at the University of Oregon are consistent with those of other major research universities, including effective, high quality contributions in the areas of teaching, research, and service.
Learn about processes and procedures for career faculty promotion cases, including dossier elements and timeline.
The overall expectation of NTTF candidates for promotion is the demonstration of enduring and progressive excellence in the performance of the faculty member’s designated responsibilities, whether in the area of teaching, research, or service.
Appointments for faculty and officers of administration are initiated at the unit level at the time of hire with support from the Office of the Provost.
The Office of the Provost manages all tenure-track faculty recruitment and hiring, led by the provost's Institutional Hiring Plan.
As the chief academic officer, the provost holds responsibility for the hiring and review of executive academic leaders.
The Office of the Provost works in coordination with Human Resources on matters such as sabbatical, tenure reduction program, and tenure clock considerations.
To ensure consistency across the university, the provost has final authority on hiring of academic leadership positions.
State law defines faculty at the UO as the “president and professors” at the institution. OtP provides a list of the members of the statutory faculty.