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A message from Provost and Senior Vice President Christopher P. Long in which he introduces himself, outlines his values-enacted leadership approach, expresses excitement for the future and gratitude for the support provided during this transition.

Each year, the Office of the Provost offers awards and opportunities that honor our shared commitment to exceptional instruction, mentorship, and service. We are excited to share which faculty members have been named for our AY2023-24 awards and opportunities.

Provost Chris Long announces that Bruce Blonigen has been named Edward Maletis Dean of the Lundquist College of Business, a position he has held since July 2022 on a two-year appointment.

More Office of the Provost Updates

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The Office of the Provost

is responsible for carrying out the academic mission of the University of Oregon. In doing so, the office works closely with faculty and staff to enhance academic excellence, student success, and the UO’s overall academic profile.

Led by Provost and Senior Vice President Chris Long, the Office of the Provost is a dynamic office that leads and manages a variety of initiatives, processes, and services.

Meet the Provost

Faculty and Academic Unit Success

The Office of the Provost supports and partners with faculty and academic leaders as they teach, create, research, and engage with the university community. We work to establish clear, consistent processes and to uphold high academic standards. We value shared governance, professional development at all career stages, and mentorship, with a view toward strengthening UO’s inclusive, equitable community.

Information, instruction, and resources for faculty and academic unit leaders to operate successfully

Programs, digital resources, events, and services to feel informed, find connection, and amplify teaching

Faculty members at the University of Oregon should embody these core values

Regular communication to stay informed as a faculty member at the University of Oregon

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Policy and Procedure

Reviews and Promotion »  evaluation processes and procedures

Program Assessment » connects Decennial Program Review and Annual Program Assessment to continue improving programs

Curriculum »  get help with program and course approvals

Governance and Policy »  department and unit policies

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Resources and Development

Faculty & Unit Head Development »  programs and workshops for each stage of your career

Teaching »  resources, services, and opportunities to connect with colleagues and feel supported as an instructor

Inclusion »  strategies to improve equity, inclusion, and diversity

Academic Freedom »  learn more about policies and explore resources as they pertain to academic freedom

Pillars of Success 

An excellent faculty is fundamental to promoting and sustaining the highest standards of academic excellence across the university. Faculty success is also inextricably connected to student success and thus tied to the core of our academic mission.The Office of the Provost is committed to supporting faculty success in a culture of inclusive excellence grounded by teaching, leadership, scholarship, and mentorship.

Creating an inclusive, engaged, and research-informed teaching culture that has the power to shape the experience of each and every student

Supporting faculty throughout their discovery and creative activity process and offering technical support.

Helping faculty build mentorship networks and develop skills as a responsive, reciprocal and adaptive mentor, coach, sponsor, or advisor

Developing faculty who feel empowered to address complex challenges and work collaboratively to cultivate more equitable environments

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Awards and


The University of Oregon recognizes and celebrates the work of its faculty members through awards and honors for the excellence and distinction of their work. Annual awards are presented across the array of faculty endeavors that are essential to the mission.

Nominate, Apply, and Celebrate

Hear from Kaori Idemaru about why she is excited to take on the Mentorship Fellow role a
Hear from Michael Moffitt about the work he has been doing and the teachers who helped him grow into the educator he is today.
Hear Kirby Brown's thoughts on teaching and learn more about the connections that helped him get where he is today.

See and celebrate provost award and opportunity selectees