The university supports faculty as they build their network of mentors, while simultaneously developing their own skills as a culturally responsive mentor of students and junior faculty.

This work is supported by the Provost Mentorship Fellow. Learn more about the Provost Fellows Program.

Read the Fellow’s Working Document on Mentoring Principles.


What is a mentorship?

​​​​​​A mentorship can be defined as the structured, intentional, and sustainable relationship between a person with more experience and knowledge (mentor) and a person with less experience and knowledge (mentee).

Why participate in a mentorship?

A mentorship allows the mentee to develop personally and professionally through valuable guidance from the mentor. The mentor also benefits by having the opportunity to pass on their wisdom and expand the positive impact of their experience and knowledge.  

Get to know your colleagues and students. 

Relationships built through mentoring strengthens the fabric of our institution by connecting faculty within departments, between departments, and with students. 

Diversity and inclusion.

As part of the University of Oregon's commitment to diversity, equity, and inlusion, our mentorship programs offer faculty the opportunity to connect with individuals who may come from a different background.

Building a Mentoring Network.

At UO we recognize that there is no such thing as one magical mentor who will have all of the answers. Instead we support the idea of a mentoring network, described by the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity. We can help you build that network.

UO Mentoring Programs and Resources 

Mentoring Programs for Graduate Students and Faculty 

The Women's Innovation Network (WIN) is a nine-month, cross-disciplinary program that helps UO faculty, researchers, students, and entrepreneurs in our community navigate gender-based barriers to bringing their research to market or launching and sustaining their businesses. 

The College of Design Mentoring Program is a group-based mentoring program for all faculty in the College of Design. For more information contact Associate Dean Richard Margerum  

Resources for Mentoring Graduate Students 

Division of Graduate Studies guide for Best Practices in Mentoring 

Mentoring Programs for Undergraduate Students 

Peer Advisors for Veterans Education (PAVE) is a peer support program that connects incoming student veterans with student veterans already on campus to help them navigate college life, identify challenges they are facing, refer them to the appropriate resource on or off campus, and provide ongoing support to their academic and personal ventures. 

The Intercultural Mentoring Program Advancing Community Ties (IMPACT) is a peer-to-peer mentoring program for students of color and first-generation college students. IMPACT student coordinators support first-year and transfer students with their transition to the UO. It is through IMPACT that you will have the opportunity to be part of a community that is comfortable, accepting, and truly yours. 

Lindquist College of Business Flight School. Designed specifically for first-year and new transfer business students, the Lundquist Flight School will help you launch your academic journey and set you up for success. 

Academic Advising PeerLink. PeerLink Advisors provide UO students with academic advising, mentoring, and support, including: hosting drop-in and appointment-based advising hours in the Office of Academic Advising; explaining general education requirements; connecting you with campus resources and academic support services; helping you identify additional academic or co-curricular opportunities; and serving as a comfortable and continuous point of contact 

Mentorship Awards

Excellence Award for Outstanding Faculty Mentorship in Graduate Studies. This award recognizes outstanding mentorship of graduate students. Mentorship includes fostering the academic and professional development of students. 

Mentoring Students



Online Resources and Trainings 

Available to University of Oregon faculty, students, and staff, LinkedIn Learning (login here) and Academic Impressions (contact to request access) provide numerous professional development resources on mentorship. The following selection highlights just a few of these resources.