The university supports faculty as they build their network of mentors, while simultaneously developing their own skills as a culturally responsive mentor of students and junior faculty.

This work is supported by the Provost Mentorship Fellow. Learn more about the Provost Fellows Program.

Read the Fellow’s Working Document on Mentoring Principles.


What is a mentorship?

​​​​​​A mentorship can be defined as the structured, intentional, and sustainable relationship between a person with more experience and knowledge (mentor) and a person with less experience and knowledge (mentee).

Why participate in a mentorship?

A mentorship allows the mentee to develop personally and professionally through valuable guidance from the mentor. The mentor also benefits by having the opportunity to pass on their wisdom and expand the positive impact of their experience and knowledge.  

Get to know your colleagues and students. 

Relationships built through mentoring strengthens the fabric of our institution by connecting faculty within departments, between departments, and with students. 

Diversity and inclusion.

As part of the University of Oregon's commitment to diversity, equity, and inlusion, our mentorship programs offer faculty the opportunity to connect with individuals who may come from a different background.

Building a Mentoring Network.

At UO we recognize that there is no such thing as one magical mentor who will have all of the answers. Instead we support the idea of a mentoring network, described by the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity. We can help you build that network.