Funded Proposals

Full descriptions of proposals can be seen by clicking on the year of the award.


Art History - Decolonizing ARH 209 History of Japanese Art
History & Judaic Studies - Public Humanities for Eugene in the Undergraduate Curriculum 
Lundquist College of Business - Insider Critiques of Capitalism – A Course for Future Business Leaders and Policy Makers 
Psychology & Clark Honors College - A Web-Based Brain Imaging Research Experience


Dance - Cross-cultural Conversation and Connections through Dance
Design - Data as Metamorphosis Workshop and Lecture Series
Computer Science - On-ramp to Research
English - Culturally-Responsive Pedagogy Training for Faculty and GEs of the Composition Program
Clark Honors College, History - Experiential Liberal Arts Malaria, Technology, and Africa (in Eugene)
Architecture and Planning, Public Policy and Management - Enhancing Global Perspectives through Exploring Sustainable Cities and Landscapes across the Pacific Rim


Biology - Case Study-based Group Problem Solving to Enrich Learning in Biology
Political Science - Autobiography as Political Agency
History - Re-invigorating “Reacting to the Past” Curriculum at the UO
Education - Project Inclusion: Enhancing Undergraduate Learning Through a Neurodiverse Collaborative to Feature the Lived Experience of Disability
Journalism - The Student Voice Project
Planning, Public Policy and Management - Leadership for Social Change: Increasing Students Relational and Systemic Understanding of the Connections Between Leadership Theory and Practice
Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies - Teaching the Eugene Lesbian Oral History Project
Education - Teaching for Climate Activism


Clark Honors College, Earth Sciences, and Environmental Studies - Arctic Icebergs
Cinema Studies and UO Libraries - The Oregon Theater Project: Teaching Students to Research and Document Local Film History
Mathematics - Math, Improv, and the Museum
Native American Studies - Native American Studies Major Development
Psychology - Fresh Eyes: Bringing Developmental Psychology Tasks into the Classroom
Biology - Student Produced Educational Videos
Human Physiology - Teaching Through Core Concepts in Human Physiology


Geography - Exploring Oregon
Physics - Physics of Climbing
History - Historian's Craft


History - Reconstructing Color
School of Journalism and Communication - The Catalyst Journalism Project
Anthropology - Enhancing Experiential Learning: The Archaeology of Wild Foods
Human Physiology - Leverage Mobile Technology to Help Teach Non-Science Majors
Chemistry and Biochemistry - The Study Group Initiative
Lundquist College of Business and Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry - Sustainable Invention Immersion Week
Environmental Studies Program - Wolves: Conversations in Conservation and Controversy, an Interdisciplinary Field Course


Mathematics - Mathematical Thinking Labs
Religious Studies - Rethinking Early Islam
Digital Arts - Anyone Can Code: Bringing Arts into STEM to create STEAM
Romance Languages - MesoAmerican Foodways: A new Clark Honors College International Cultures Colloquium
History - Broadening U.S. Business History: Social Movements and Markets


Political Science - Thinking Like a Social Scientist
Planning, Public Policy and Management - Experiential Learning in Planning, Public Policy and Management 
Teaching Effectiveness Program - Teaching Excellence Professorships
English - Life Stories: A Disabilities Studies Off-Campus Seminar


School of Journalism and Communication - The Copper River Delta Alaska Climate Change Reporting Project
Wayne Morse Center - Developing a Second Year Experience for the Wayne Morse Scholars Program: Multiyear Cohort-Based Learning
History of Art and Architecture - Japanese Prints and Their Techniques
Product Design and Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship - Integrated Product Design and New Business Modeling


Robert D. Clark Honors College (History) and Environmental Studies - Catalyzing Knowledge Building Related to the Impact of Climate Change on Indigenous Peoples
Special Education and Clinical Services, Communication Disorders and Sciences Program - Learning from Master Clinicians: Using Multimedia Case Examples to Enhance Undergraduate Education
Biology - Improving Student Learning through Increased Number of Inquiry-Based Labs in the Honors Biology Sequence
Political Science & Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics - A New Morse Undergraduate Fellows Program
Religious Studies - Beyond the Textbook: An Arabic E-book Supplement for the University of Oregon


Biology and the Institute of Molecular Biology - Undergraduate Participation in Cutting Edge Life Science Research
Historic Preservation Program - A Sense of Where You Are—The Meaning of Place
Biology - Undergraduate Investigations of the Pedagogy of Science
Oregon Institute of Marine Biology - Tropical Coastal Biology in Panama
Geological Sciences and Museum of Natural and Cultural History - Enhancing Visual Science Learning Through Student Photography
Chemistry - The Virtual Discussion Section—Chemistry


History - Afghan and Iraq Wars Oral History Project
Landscape Architecture - The Virtual Design Studio
Philosophy - The Internet, Society, and Philosophy
Education Studies & Planning, Public Policy and Management - Public Engagement and Immigrant Integration in a New Destination State
Romance Languages & Music - Blending Textual Analysis and Performance: Capstone Seminars in Romance Languages and Music
Physics - Undergraduate Projects on the Frontiers of Research in Physics
Anthropology - Working with Oregon Tribes
Political Science - Politics and Sexuality
Romance Languages and Literature - Developing Spanish Heritage Language and Culture


Biology & Geological Sciences: Oregon – A Natural and Cultural History
Education: From the Mexican Border to Oregon: Immigration, Education and Politics in the 21st Century
Journalism & Communication & Anthropology: Latin Roots in Oregon
Human Physiology: Teaching Systems Physiology as a "Way of Knowing"
History & Classics: Reacting to the Past
Central Oregon Programs: Microbial Studies In Ecological Restoration: Collaborative Research Opportunities for Undergraduates
Environmental Studies: Environmental Leadership in Action


English & Classics: Literature & Ethics: Levinas and Vasily Grossman's Life and Fate
Environmental Studies: Building Classroom-Community Connections Throughout the Environmental Studies Program
Romance Languages: Advanced Writing in Spanish
Architecture: designBridge: A Model Service Learning Approach to Architectural Education


English: Style through Grammar
Biology: “Research-style” Molecular Genetics
Architecture and Allied Arts: “DesignBridge Year” Integrating Service Learning into
Ethnic Studies: Restructure of Ethnic Studies Curriculum
Geography: Geography of Tourism: Integrating Academic Learning with the Local Community
English:  “Cinema in the Muslim World”
Planning, Public Policy & Management: Learning by Doing: The Community Service GIS Lab


History & Anthropology: "Interdisciplinary Food Studies: A Project to Enhance Collaborative Student Learning across Disciplines"
Theater Arts: "Theater for Change"
History: "Teaching Military History in a Large-Course Setting: Modifying the Curriculum of War in the Modern World I and II"
Romance Languages: "Redesigning Survey of Peninsular Spanish Literature," and "Survey of Spanish American Literature"
Architecture: "Design Bridge: Integrating Service Learning into Architectural Education"
Planning, Public Policy, and Management & Environmental Studies: "Learning by Doing: the Community-Service GIS Lab"


Art History: "Inside the Museum"
Biology: "Integrated Discovery-Based Teaching of Microbiology
Philosophy: "Philosophy of Disaster and Emergency Response"
Language: "The Language Development Academy"
Mathematics: "Restructuring and Broadening Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics"
History: "Modern Film in China"
Environmental Studies: "Integrated Pedagogical Training and Field-Based Teaching Opportunities in the Environmental Studies Curriculum"


English: "A Medieval Feast in Theory and Practice"
Honors College, English: "Writing, Public Speaking, and Critical Reasoning"
Romance Languages: Redesign of two romance language courses.
Planning, Public Policy, and Management: "A Hands-On Approach to Community Mapping"


Economics: "Integrating Community into the Curriculum"
Geography & Environmental Studies: "Field Based Service Learning: Adding a Restoration Stewardship Component to Geography 360."
Architecture: "Building Bridges Between Architecture and Liberal Arts for Undergraduates through “The Human Context of Design”


Women's and Gender Studies: "Revise and Restructure Women, Difference, and Power"
History & Romance Languages: "Racial Exchanges: Historical and Literary Constructions of Race in Modern Latin America"


Physics, History & Classics: "Culture and Scientific Discovery"
Economics: Program for students to apply real-world problem-solving in local non-profits
Geology & Biology: Program that brings small-class experience to large classes.


Law: "Mediation: Life Skills in Conflict Resolution"
Clark Honors College: "Western History and the Challenge of Globalization"
Philosophy & English: "The Living Body"
Biology: "Neotropical Ecology."


Geography: "Watershed Science and Policy"
Computer & Information Science: "Software for Use by Real Human Beings"


Psychology: "Engaging Students in Mind and Brain"
English: "Writing for the Future"


History & English: "Contested Events in Early America"
Geography: "Environmental Measurement and Mapping Across the Curriculum"
Chemistry: SUPeR Chemistry peer tutoring
English: "Writing for the Future"


Chemistry: SUPeR Chemistry peer tutoring
English: "Writing for the Future"
Computer & Information Sciences: "Tying a Major Together"


Math: "Rethinking the Teaching of Calculus"