Funded Proposals

Full descriptions of proposals can be seen by clicking on the year of the award. For the list of current funded proposals and fellows please see the current recipients page.

2017 - 2018

History - Reconstructing Color
School of Journalism and Communication - The Catalyst Journalism Project
Anthropology - Enhancing Experiential Learning: The Archaeology of Wild Foods
Human Physiology - Leverage Mobile Technology to Help Teach Non-Science Majors
Chemistry and Biochemistry - The Study Group Initiative
Lundquist College of Business​​​​​​​ and Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry​​​​​​​ - Sustainable Invention Immersion Week
Environmental Studies Program - Wolves: Conversations in Conservation and Controversy, an Interdisciplinary Field Course

2016 - 2017

Mathematics - Mathematical Thinking Labs
Religious Studies - Rethinking Early Islam
Digital Arts - Anyone Can Code: Bringing Arts into STEM to create STEAM
Romance Languages - MesoAmerican Foodways: A new Clark Honors College International Cultures Colloquium
History - Broadening U.S. Business History: Social Movements and Markets


Political Science - Thinking Like a Social Scientist
Planning, Public Policy and Management - Experiential Learning in Planning, Public Policy and Management 
Teaching Effectiveness Program - Teaching Excellence Professorships
English - Life Stories: A Disabilities Studies Off-Campus Seminar


School of Journalism and Communication - The Copper River Delta Alaska Climate Change Reporting Project
Wayne Morse Center - Developing a Second Year Experience for the Wayne Morse Scholars Program: Multiyear Cohort-Based Learning
History of Art and Architecture - Japanese Prints and Their Techniques
Product Design and Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship - Integrated Product Design and New Business Modeling


Robert D. Clark Honors College (History) and Environmental Studies - Catalyzing Knowledge Building Related to the Impact of Climate Change on Indigenous Peoples
Special Education and Clinical Services, Communication Disorders and Sciences Program - Learning from Master Clinicians: Using Multimedia Case Examples to Enhance Undergraduate Education
Biology - Improving Student Learning through Increased Number of Inquiry-Based Labs in the Honors Biology Sequence
Political Science & Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics - A New Morse Undergraduate Fellows Program
Religious Studies - Beyond the Textbook: An Arabic E-book Supplement for the University of Oregon


Biology and the Institute of Molecular Biology - Undergraduate Participation in Cutting Edge Life Science Research
Historic Preservation Program - A Sense of Where You Are—The Meaning of Place
Biology - Undergraduate Investigations of the Pedagogy of Science
Oregon Institute of Marine Biology - Tropical Coastal Biology in Panama
Geological Sciences and Museum of Natural and Cultural History - Enhancing Visual Science Learning Through Student Photography
Chemistry - The Virtual Discussion Section—Chemistry


History - Afghan and Iraq Wars Oral History Project
Landscape Architecture - The Virtual Design Studio
Philosophy - The Internet, Society and Philosophy
Education Studies & Planning, Public Policy and Management - Public Engagement and Immigrant Integration in a New Destination State
Romance Languages & Music - Blending Textual Analysis and Performance: Capstone Seminars in Romance Languages and Music
Physics - Undergraduate Projects on the Frontiers of Research in Physics
Anthropology - Working with Oregon Tribes
Political Science - Politics and Sexuality
Romance Languages and Literatures - Developing Spanish Heritage Language and Culture


Biology & Geological Sciences: Oregon – A Natural and Cultural History
Education: From the Mexican Border to Oregon: Immigration, Education and Politics in the 21st Century
Journalism & Communication & Anthropology: Latin Roots in Oregon
Human Physiology: Teaching Systems Physiology as a "Way of Knowing"
History & Classics: Reacting to the Past
Central Oregon Programs: Microbial Studies In Ecological Restoration: Collaborative Research Opportunities for Undergraduates
Environmental Studies: Environmental Leadership in Action


English & Classics: Literature & Ethics: Levinas and Vasily Grossman's Life and Fate
Environmental Studies: Building Classroom-Community Connections Throughout the Environmental Studies Program
Romance Languages: Advanced Writing in Spanish
Architecture: designBridge: A Model Service Learning Approach to Architectural Education


English: Style through Grammar
Biology: “Research-style” Molecular Genetics
Architecture and Allied Arts: “DesignBridge Year” Integrating Service Learning into
Ethnic Studies: Restructure of Ethnic Studies Curriculum
Geography: Geography of Tourism: Integrating Academic Learning with the Local Community
English:  “Cinema in the Muslim World”
Planning, Public Policy & Management: Learning by Doing: The Community Service GIS Lab


History & Anthropology: "Interdisciplinary Food Studies: A Project to Enhance Collaborative Student Learning across Disciplines"
Theater Arts: "Theater for Change"
History: "Teaching Military History in a Large-Course Setting: Modifying the Curriculum of War in the Modern World I and II"
Romance Languages: "Redesigning Survey of Peninsular Spanish Literature," and "Survey of Spanish American Literature"
Architecture: "Design Bridge: Integrating Service Learning into Architectural Education"
Planning, Public Policy and Management & Environmental Studies: "Learning by Doing: the Community-Service GIS Lab"


Art History: "Inside the Museum"
Biology: "Integrated Discovery-Based Teaching of Microbiology
Philosophy: "Philosophy of Disaster and Emergency Response"
Language: "The Language Development Academy"
Mathematics: "Restructuring and Broadening Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics"
History: "Modern Film in China"
Environmental Studies: "Integrated Pedagogical Training and Field-Based Teaching Opportunities in the Environmental Studies Curriculum"


English: "A Medieval Feast in Theory and Practice"
Honors College, English: "Writing, Public Speaking and Critical Reasoning"
Romance Languages: Redesign of two romance language courses.
Planning, Public Policy and Management: "A Hands-On Approach to Community Mapping"


Economics: "Integrating Community into the Curriculum"
Geography & Environmental Studies: "Field Based Service Learning: Adding a Restoratioin Stewardship Component to Geography 360."
Architecture: "Building Bridges Between Architecture and Liberal Arts for Undergraduates through “The Human Context of Design”


Women's and Gender Studies: "Revise and Restructure Women, Difference, and Power"
History & Romance Languages: "Racial Exchanges: Historical and Literary Constructions of Race in Modern Latin America"


Physics, History & Classics: "Culture and Scientific Discovery"
Economics: Program for students to apply real-world problem-solving in local non-profits
Geology & Biology: Program that brings small-class experience to large classes.


Law: "Mediation: Life Skills in Conflict Resolution"
Clark Honors College: "Western History and the Challenge of Globalization"
Philosophy & English: "The Living Body"
Biology: "Neotropical Ecology."


Geography: "Watershed Science and Policy"
Computer & Information Science: "Software for Use by Real Human Beings"


Psychology: "Engaging Students in Mind and Brain"
English: "Writing for the Future"


History & English: "Contested Events in Early America"
Geography: "Environmental Measurement and Mapping Across the Curriculum"
Chemistry: SUPeR Chemistry peer tutoring
English: "Writing for the Future"


Chemistry: SUPeR Chemistry peer tutoring
English: "Writing for the Future"
Computer & Information Sciences: "Tying a Major Together"


Math: "Rethinking the Teaching of Calculus"