Career Faculty Promotion Eligibility

Career faculty will be eligible for promotion after accumulating six years of employment at an average of .5 FTE or greater, accrued at no greater than three terms per academic year for faculty on nine-month contracts and at four terms per year for bargaining unit faculty on 12-month contracts. The six years of employment do not have to be consecutive. 

Particularly meritorious cases may be eligible for early promotion or accelerated review. For more information, please contact

Joint or multiple appointments: For those faculty members with multiple or joint appointments, a memorandum will be completed at time of hire or assignment, specifying expectations for promotion and identifying the process to include all units. The faculty member and provost or designee must sign the memorandum for it to be valid. 

Librarians: Librarians follow the Career instructional process.  Please note that while the CBA does not provide special wording regarding initiation of the process for assistant librarians, they are required to undergo review for promotion to associate librarian when they become eligible. To ensure compliance with this requirement, the unit head and/or dean should notify the candidate rather than waiting for the candidate to initiate the process, providing sufficient time for the candidate to prepare the required materials. 


  • Candidates should work with their unit manager to determine promotion eligibility, using the appropriate eligibility form below. 
  • Once complete, the form is to be submitted to the department/unit head with notice of intent to be considered for promotion. 
  • The unit head will provide their e-signature on the form. 
  • The unit will then submit the form to for verification. 
  • The returned HR verified form must be included in the promotion dossier. 

Eligibility Forms

9-month career faculty eligibility form
12-month career faculty eligibility form
Law school career faculty eligibility form