TTF Annual Review

Untenured TTF are expected to receive annual evaluations of their teaching, scholarship or creative work, and service. These annual reviews, conducted by the immediate supervisor (usually the department head), are intended to establish strong lines of communication and to ensure the development and attainment of teaching, research, and service goals appropriate to a TTF appointment. They should provide constructive feedback and critical assessment of effectiveness and progress.  

The details and structure of TTF evaluations are the responsibility of the academic unit in which the appointment is made. Department or unit level criteria documents pertinent to the review of TTF are available in the unit policy library 

The following general guidelines are applicable to TTF regardless of United Academics bargaining unit status.  

  • Reviews should be conducted annually for all untenured TTF.  
  • For faculty undergoing the midterm review, that review replaces the annual review.  
  • For faculty undergoing review for tenure, the tenure review replaces the annual review.  
  • The immediate supervisor should prepare a written report to be shared with the faculty member and placed in the personnel file maintained by the department.  
  • The faculty member should sign and date the written report to indicate that they have read it. This signature does not imply agreement.  
  • The faculty member may respond in writing to the report. Any such response should be included with the annual report in the personnel file maintained by the department.  
  • Faculty members have access to both informal and formal grievance processes.