Summer Session

Summer session appointments and assignments are covered by Article 18 of the United Academics Collective Bargaining Agreement (UA CBA). Individual summer session policies are posted online.

Summer Payroll Practices Guidelines (as referred to in the UA CBA)

Starting in the summer of 2015, the following guidelines apply to summer contracts for nine-month faculty appointments:

  • The combination of summer research and instructional appointments for the same faculty member must not exceed 1.0 FTE during summer term.

Summer instructional contracts

  • Summer instructional contracts are distinct and separate from nine-month, academic year contracts. A separate and distinct summer session base salary must therefore be established.
  • Each department/unit must determine what course load constitutes a full-time workload in the department throughout the summer term; the department/unit must also ensure that the basis for any exception to the department’s established full-time workload is appropriately documented.
  • The FTE assigned a course must be the same no matter who teaches the course.
  • Departments/units can determine whether all faculty teaching courses are paid at the same base rate, or whether different base rates are appropriate based on experience as well as academic classification and rank.

Summer research contracts

  • To comply with federal regulations, non-instructional summer pay funded by a sponsored project is based on a faculty member’s academic year base salary.
  • To comply with federal requirements, when a nine-month faculty member is funded at 1.0 FTE on a research contract during the summer, the faculty member must work exclusively on that project. Faculty should not accept 1.0 FTE summer research appointments for any period of time when they will be on vacation.

For information on summer session appointment processing, please see the HR - Operations website or contact them at 541-346-3348.