Expedited Tenure Review

On occasion, the university seeks to hire exceptional tenured faculty members whose credentials have been established through promotion and tenure processes at other research institutions that, like UO, rely on peer review through national and international research communities.

Expedited tenure makes it possible to streamline the UO’s promotion and tenure process for tenured faculty at the rank of full professor, providing the university with leverage when seeking to hire top-tier faculty members. It is governed by the expedited tenure policy.


Following the decision to hire the faculty member, the hiring unit (or tenure home in the case of senior administrative hires) will review the hiring dossier of the candidate. Full professors in the unit will vote on whether or not the candidate should be granted tenure at the rank of full professor through the expedited tenure process. Should the faculty vote in favor of utilizing the expedited process, the faculty will report the vote to the dean of the school or college. If the dean agrees with the decision, the case will be forwarded to the Office of the Provost (OtP). This process will be accomplished within ten working days.

In cases where the hiring unit and dean choose to pursue expedited tenure, the dean’s office will provide the dossier to OtP for consideration by the Expedited Tenure Review Committee (ETRC). The ETRC is a subcommittee of the Faculty Personnel Committee (FPC) designated to review expedited tenure cases.

The dossier compiled by the dean’s office and sent to the Office of the Provost should include:

  1. Documentation of the vote by eligible faculty in favor of using the expedited process and documentation of the dean’s support for using the expedited process.
  2. The candidate’s signed CV and a brief signed candidate's statement
  3. A signed waiver letter indicating the candidate’s chosen waiver status for the expedited tenure review
  4. A sample of relevant research materials from the candidate, including at least one or two items from the recent past
  5. A quantitative assessment of the candidate’s work and impact, if available
  6. A brief statement of expected duties. Please make special note of any conditions of employment that depart from the typical balance of teaching, research, and service responsibilities for tenured faculty members in the unit.
  7. Teaching evaluations, as available (for positions with significant teaching responsibilities)
  8. Three of the letters of recommendation provided by the candidate in the course of the search process
  9. A list of at least four potential external reviewers; none should overlap with any of the candidate-provided letters of recommendation from the search process. External reviewers should be independently selected and meet the usual standards for external reviewers in the promotion and tenure process at UO (e.g., full professors in the candidate’s field or subfield, at comparable universities, without close relations with the candidate) 

The ETRC will:

  1. Obtain a minimum of two external reviewers selected from the list supplied by the hiring unit and dean. These external reviewers shall be provided with the following materials: the candidate's signed CV and statement; a sample of relevant research materials from the candidate, including at least one or two items from the recent past; a quantitative assessment of the candidate's work and impact, if available
  2. These reviewers should be solicited in writing via email with the template provided. The evaluation may be submitted via email, or conducted by phone, skype, or other direct means of communication by a member of the ETRC. If direct communication is utilized, the reference must be documented in writing or captured in audio/video format so that it can be included in the documentary record and be made available to the full Faculty Personnel Committee (FPC) and the provost.
  3. Forward any questions that remain after steps 1 and 2 are completed to OtP so that they can be answered by the relevant department or dean.
  4. Following the ETRC’s vote and recommendation, OtP will send the full dossier and its completed case report to the hiring unit. That unit will have five business days to notify the ETRC of any change in its vote or its decision to use the expedited tenure process.
  5. After five days (and in light of any change of vote from the unit), the ETRC will either recommend expedited tenure to the provost or recommend that the candidate be reviewed by the full promotion and tenure process.

The provost makes the final decision regarding the awarding of tenure.

In cases where the faculty member is being appointed as the result of an administrative search (e.g., dean, vice provost) in which the references or letters of recommendation are likely to be quite different than in a typical senior hire, the ETRC will gather one additional independent review, for a total of three.

The FPC will include information about the number of all expedited tenure cases considered over the course of the year in its annual report to the UO Senate.