Dual Career Support


Referrals for dual career support may be requested by deans, vice presidents, and vice provosts. For guidance on making a referral, see Requesting Dual Career Support.

Commitment to Dual Career Support

In support of our mission to be a world-class institution, the University of Oregon recognizes the importance of supporting dual career couples. We are committed to assisting dual career partners with their job searches and career transitions through a range of resources and opportunities tailored to the partner.

The University of Oregon employs a broad and progressive definition of domestic partnership, inclusive of marital and non-marital relationships, regardless of gender identity or expression.

Dual career support is administered by the Office of the Provost and works closely with Human Resources, Division of Equity and Inclusion, Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation, and each of the schools and colleges.

Dual Career Services

Dual career liaison Rhonda Smith is available for consultations on job search advice and career transitions for eligible dual career partners. 

Consultation services include:

  • Introduction to the local/regional market
  • Contacts for networking and informational interviews
  • Resources and advice for off-campus job opportunities
  • Identification of on-campus job opportunities
  • Information about further academic study
  • Resume/CV and cover letter reviews
  • Interview preparation and mock interviews
  • Career change or relaunch advice

The focus of consultation services is job search and career transition assistance. Although positions aren’t guaranteed, the dual career liaison will explore potential nonfaculty on-campus opportunities and share contacts for off-campus employment.

For general information about dual career services, contact Rhonda Smith at DualCareer@uoregon.edu.


  • Individuals being recruited for a tenure-track faculty position.
  • Incoming tenure-track faculty members prior to their start date.
  • Individuals being recruited for an Officer of Administration (OA) position when the salary band is 11 or higher.
  • Incoming OAs in salary band 11 or higher prior to their start date.

Career faculty and other employees are not eligible. If the partner is employed in a job that can be brought with them or maintained remotely, they are not eligible.

If you are eligible and interested in accessing dual career support, contact the dean, vice president, or vice provost affiliated with your recruitment.

Deans, vice presidents, and vice provosts who want to make a referral should follow the guidance on Requesting Dual Career Support.

Additional Resources

The Greater Oregon Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (GO HERC) offers a searchable database of all job listings—faculty, administration, and staff—at member institutions in Oregon and southern Washington. Other resources include career-related webinars, articles, books, and links. HERC also offers an array of job seeker resources, including resume and CV writing information.