New & Revised Programs

The Office of the Provost is responsible for coordination and support of academic programming, including the management of procedures for new programs and modifications to curriculum. All proposals for new academic programs and requests for curricular change are subject to review. 

In general, there are five potential stages of review: college-level, external review, university-level, Board of Trustees and state-level, regional accreditor (NWCCU). The nature of the proposal will determine which stages of review are required. Refer to the chart below for guidance.

For additional assistance determining the required level of review and timelines for review and approval, please consult the curriculum coordinator at your school or college, or the associate vice provost for academic affairs.


The Office of the Provost has implemented CourseLeaf, a software tool which supports the development and review of course and program proposals. Please submit all new program proposals or edits to current programs on the program page in CourseLeaf.

Those with any questions should contact Ron Bramhall, associate vice provost for academic affairs ( or Carolyn Vogt, UO curriculum coordinator (

TOPICCollege-levelUniversity-levelboard of trustees and state-levelexternalNwccu
New Programs or Locations     
New graduate degree programXXXXX
New baccalaureate degree programXXX X
New location for an existing degree (including, in some cases, online delivery of an existing on-site program)XXX X
New certificate program (undergraduate or graduate)XX   
Substantive Change to Existing Degree Program     
New undergraduate minorXX   
New honors programXX   
New track or concentration for existing majorXX   
New graduate specializationXX   
Significant revisions to degree requirements or curricular design (undergraduate or graduate)XX   
Discontinuation of degree or certificateXX   
Change to degree type awardedXX   
Name change for degree or certificate programXX   
Other Curricular or Program Changes     
Discontinuation of minor, honors program, or graduate specializationX    
Discontinuation of track or concentration for existing majorX    
Name change for track, concentration, specialization, minor, or honors programX    
Minor revisions* to degree requirements or curriculum (undergraduate or graduate)X    

*Minor revisions might include small changes to the number of credits, required courses, distribution of upper- and lower-division credits, minimum grade requirements, or restrictions. At any stage prior to final approval, it may be determined that changes identified as minor are, in fact, significant and subject to university-level review. Minor changes should be submitted to and discussed with the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.