Requesting Dual Career Support

Dual Career Liaison

In an effort to serve the employment and career interests of dual career partners and the university, the dual career liaison will actively work with units and dual career partners to assist dual career partners identify long-term on- or off-campus opportunities.

Deans and administrative offices may request dual career liaison support for partners of incoming tenure-track faculty members or senior officers of administration (OA11+). To request support, please submit the following information to

  • Name, title, department, and school/college/administrative office of primary partner.
  • Name and contact information (current email and phone number) of dual career partner.
  • Resume/CV of dual career partner.
  • Note of school/college/administrative office support from dean/dean’s representative or director.
  • Desired next step for contacting dual career partner for consultation services.
  • If known, general types of positions dual career partner is seeking.
  • Funding information, if applicable and known (e.g., amount and source of funding contribution; and whether the school/college/administrative office is applying for short-term dual career funding from the Office of the Provost).

Note: To propose the hire of a TTF partner of a TTF, please refer to the Tenure-Track Partners Program section below.

While in-progress agreements will continue to be honored, the Office of the Provost is no longer approving agreements via the previous UO dual career programs.

What to Expect

The dual career liaison offers consultation services to facilitate employment, career, and educational goals of dual career partners. Employment is not guaranteed. Job searches are most successful when partners take initiative and are motivated to achieve their goals. The liaison works with a partner until employment (or other related goal) has been attained or a maximum of two years.

  • Individualized advising usually begins with a phone/Skype conversation or an in-person meeting after a referral.
  • If employment is the primary goal, the liaison will develop a list of potential contacts and employers based on the partner’s experience and interest.
  • On-campus positions are not guaranteed. If institutional workforce needs are identified that could be addressed by a partner’s experience and skill set, a position may be developed to address the unmet needs. The liaison may assist with inter-unit negotiations to establish mutually beneficial long-term arrangements.
  • Partners may request resume/CV, cover letter, and job application reviews.
  • The liaison is available to conduct mock interviews or other interview preparation sessions.

For information about requesting dual career support, please contact Rhonda Smith at

Tenure-Track Partners Program

The Tenure-Track Partners Program supports tenure-related faculty recruitments where the partner is also suitably qualified for a tenure-related position. The primary purpose of this program is to recruit excellent new faculty who will advance the academic priorities of the university. In exceptional cases, this program may be used for the retention of current tenure-related faculty who meet this description.

Following the decision to hire a tenure-track faculty member, the university may consider a qualified partner for a TTF position, provided the following conditions are satisfied:

  • The partner has obtained the terminal degree appropriate for the field.
  • The potential hiring unit of the partner has reviewed and vetted the partner’s academic record and has indicated its full approval for this second hire.
  • The dual hire clearly furthers the university’s fundamental goal of academic excellence, as consistent with academic priorities.
  • Preference will be given to those cases where a strong record of academic achievement has been established.
  • In no cases are partner hires guaranteed or automatic. 

For more information on submitting a proposal for the hire of a TTF partner of a TTF, please follow the UO TTF Direct Hire proposal process as outlined on the Target of Opportunity page. If needed, units may engage the dual career liaison at for coordination assistance.

Completion of Dual Career Arrangement

If a direct appointment is made, the dual career liaison will draft the terms of the agreement and route to the units for review and signatures.

The dual career partner’s host unit will proceed with a direct appointment in accordance with human resources procedures. The required documentation for the appointment is compiled by the dual career partner’s hiring unit and submitted to Talent Acquisition & Development, including a copy of the finalized agreement signed by all participating units and the Office of the Provost.

UO’s dual career support is administered by the Office of the Provost and works closely with the Division of Equity and Inclusion, the Office for Research and Innovation, and each of the schools and colleges.


Questions and requests for assistance may be directed to the dual career liaison at