Institutional Hiring Plan

The Institutional Hiring Plan (IHP) guides tenure-track faculty hiring at the University of Oregon. The plan provides a holistic focus on the university’s most strategic and important goals, within a comprehensive vision of the university’s research and teaching mission. Based on campus priorities, with input from faculty, the plan continues the university’s efforts to hire tenure-track faculty who will enhance the UO’s scholarly profile and academic excellence, and who will share our commitment to student success. 

In fall of 2023, Interim Provost and Senior Vice President Janet Woodruff-Borden provided the deans with relevant IHP information to inform their school/college internal processes. These materials will guide the 2024-25 tenure-track faculty search year.  

Institutional Hiring Plans

Click the links below to see information on Institutional Hiring Plans from each year. Please note that the years listed here correspond to the search year. Each IHP process was conducted the prior academic year for hires as early as the fall after the search year.

Sample IHP Timeline

The IHP timeline process begins in the fall with information shared from OtP to the deans, and includes several stages of input and review before the provost publishes and announces the final IHP in the spring. Approved searches are conducted throughout the following academic year.


    Fall to March

    School/College Internal Processes

    Deans launch their own internal school/college proposal process including sessions of  tenure-track faculty review and input. 

    During this time, the provost's office provides support to the schools/colleges on:

    • an optional proposal template
    • internal process development and management

    March 1

    Deans Submit Recommendations to Provost



    Provost Review and Individual Meetings with Deans

    The provost reviews proposals and meets individually with deans to discuss.


    End of March

    Draft IHP Created

    The provost gathers input from OVPRI and VPFA and considers institutional-level priorities. 

    The Office of the Provost crafts a draft version of the IHP for deans to review. 



    Incorporate Final IHP Feedback and Prepare for IHP Announcement

    Based on feedback, the Office of the Provost revises and finalizes the IHP, and prepares to announce it to campus.

    Announce IHP


    May to August

    Launch of IHP-Approved Searches


    September to June

    Units Conduct IHP-Approved Searches


    August to September

    New Tenure-Track Faculty Hires Start Arriving