Institutional Hiring Plan

Update (3-12-20):

Due to the urgent operational needs of COVID-19, the provost has decided to temporarily delay the 2020 IHP process. Additional updates will be available in spring term.

The Institutional Hiring Plan (IHP) guides tenure-track faculty hiring at the University of Oregon. The plan provides a holistic focus on the university’s most strategic and important goals, within a comprehensive vision of the university’s research and teaching mission. Based on campus priorities, with input from faculty, the plan continues the university’s efforts to hire tenure-track faculty who will enhance the UO’s scholarly profile and academic excellence, and who will share our commitment to student success.

In fall of 2019, Provost Patrick Phillips announced the call for proposals that will be considered for the 2020 Institutional Hiring Plan, which will guide the 2020-21 search year.

After careful consideration and consultation with the Deans Council and the seven-member Provost’s Faculty Hiring Advisory Committee, former Provost Jayanth Banavar announced the 2019 Institutional Hiring Plan in the Spring of 2019. The 2019 IHP authorized 38 tenure-track faculty searches that are being conducted this academic year (2019-20).

The 2018 Institutional Hiring Plan was released in the spring of 2018. Units conducted searches in the 2018-19 academic year; as of mid-October 2019, 45 tenure-track faculty had been successfully hired through efforts related to the 2018 IHP.

Typical IHP Timeline

The IHP timeline process begins in the fall with a call for proposals, and includes several stages of input and review before the provost announces the final IHP in the spring. Approved searches are conducted throughout the following academic year.

    mid-October to February

    School/College Internal Processes

    Deans work with faculty to identify needs, generate ideas for faculty searches, and create proposals.

    During this time, the provost hosts:

    • a town hall to answer the campus community's questions about the IHP process
    • a meeting for deans to discuss opportunities for cross-campus collaboration
    early February

    Deans Submit Proposals to OtP

    February to March

    Provost Review and Meetings with Deans

    The provost reviews proposals and meets individually with deans to discuss.

    Early March

    OtP Creates Draft IHP


    Feedback from IHP Advisory Committees

    The provost gathers feedback on proposals and the draft IHP from the following committees:

    • Deans Council
    • Faculty Hiring Advisory Committee (a group of senior faculty members from representative disciplines across campus)

    During this time, the provost also considers an analysis of the draft IHP with respect to the institutional-level diversity portfolio.

    mid-March to April

    Incorporate Final IHP Feedback and Prepare for IHP Announcement

    Based on feedback, the Office of the Provost revises and finalizes the IHP, and prepares to announce it to campus.


    Announce IHP

    June to August

    Launch of IHP-Approved Searches

    Septemeber to June

    Units Conduct IHP-Approved Searches

    August to September

    New Tenure-Track Faculty Hires Start Arriving