All space is assigned and managed by the university and space allocation decisions are delegated by the president to the provost. The provost is informed by the Space Advisory Group (SAG), the Committee for Academic Infrastructure (CAI), and others.

Guiding Principles 

  • All space belongs to the university and is subject to assignment and reassignment to achieve the institution’s mission and strategic priorities.  
  • The provost is responsible for allocating university space. 
  • Space usage will be consistent with university policies and in alignment with strategic plans and goals.   
  • Schools, colleges, and units are expected to explore all options within their existing space allocation before making a request for additional space to the Office of the Provost.   
  • Co-location of programmatically related activities should have a higher priority than co-location of non-programmatically related activities. 

Space Requests 

Space requests can be made by completing the UO Space Request Form and submitting it to the Office of the Provost at For questions regarding space requests or the space allocation process, please contact Chuck Triplett at or 541-346-3429.

Advisory Groups

Space Advisory Group

The Space Advisory Group is an advisory group to the provost and senior vice president charged with making recommendations on the allocation of university space to serve the mission and goals of the university.

Members are appointed by the provost and are subject to change based on strategic priorities of the university. SAG is supported and informed by Campus Planning and Facilities Management staff and draws regularly on the expertise of the CAI and Science Space Advisory Group (SciSAG), among others. 

Committee for Academic Infrastructure

The Committee for Academic Infrastructure (CAI), formerly known as the Classroom Committee, was formed in 1997 to evaluate classroom facilities within the university's general classroom pool and to facilitate their improvement. CAI is convened by the Office of the Provost and includes teaching faculty members and representatives from the Registrar's Office, Library and Media Services, Campus Planning and Facilities Management, and the Accessible Education Center.