Career Faculty & Pro Tem Evaluation

Evaluation and review for career faculty include: 

Career Faculty Review and Tracking

Career review dates are tracked in Banner and can be reported via Cognos. UO is now using this system as the official data when anticipating and validating reviews. 

Schools/colleges are responsible for ensuring that dates accurately reflect the approved review schedules of all Career faculty. Designated representatives in each school/college will update Banner as review dates change (add promotion reviews when faculty submit Career promotion eligibility forms). The approval authority for a particular review (school/college or Office of the Provost) is responsible for updating Banner when the review is complete. 

No later than September 30th annually, schools/colleges will: 

  • ensure that all data is correct, including updates to current faculty review schedules and the addition of review schedules for newly hired career faculty. 
  • ensure that annual reviews and other reviews, which are the responsibility of departments/units or schools/colleges, are marked as completed. 

Units should contact their school/college review contact, via local dean's office, with questions about data. Additional questions may be referred to the provost’s office at

See the User Guide for more information about uploading files. 

Pro Tem Faculty Evaluation   

Pro tem faculty must undergo performance evaluation on an annual basis except in cases where unit-level policies specify otherwise. Please note that faculty holding pro tem appointments are not eligible for promotion, but they are welcome to apply to searches for career positions. Please refer to departmental/unit-level policy documents outlining the criteria for performance evaluation for pro tem faculty, including pro tem faculty members.

Forms & Templates for Pro Tem Review

Performance Reviews for Career Faculty   

The details and structure of performance reviews are the responsibility of the academic unit in which the appointment is made, but these reviews must follow some general guidelines, which are applicable to career faculty regardless of United Academics bargaining unit status.    

Performance evaluation must occur each year for the first three years of employment and at least once every three years of employment thereafter and will consider performance since the faculty member’s last review. The performance evaluation process will include an opportunity for career faculty to discuss efforts and performance with a supervisor.  

Each performance evaluation will include an opportunity for submission of a personal statement with information relevant to the faculty’s performance of assigned duties and responsibilities.   

When evaluating the performance of required professional development activities, the review will consider the availability of professional development funds and opportunities, and the faculty member’s efforts to secure funding.    

Career faculty performance evaluations will use only the approved criteria made available to the faculty member.  

Instructional career faculty teaching reviews will meet expectations when it is professional, inclusive, engaged, and research-informed. The quantitative summary data provided from student Course Evaluations or Student Experience Surveys cannot be used as the sole standard for assessing teaching quality. Instead, review of teaching will consider insights from the supervisor, peer review of teaching, and from the faculty member’s own statement or instructor reflections, in addition to student comments and other materials provided.  

There are two Cognos reports that pull together both old and current student feedback data, as well as any instructor reflections completed during the review window. Both the Teaching Overview Report and the Teaching Detail Report can be accessed by academic unit managers through, Team Content > Departmental Folders > Provost’s Office > Teaching Evaluation Reports. Signed student comments from courses prior to Fall 2019 can be downloaded from CollegeNET in the “Pre-2019 Student Comment Report”. These are accessed via, and Course Surveys link on the main page which transfer the user to CollegeNET. From CollegeNET select Reports > Report Browser > (Select Instructor and all courses in the review window) > Create Batch File > Click Batch Reports > Select “Pre-2019 Student Comment Report” as the Report. These instructions provide screen shots from CollegeNET to assist you. 

Research career faculty will undergo performance evaluations using established procedures to assess quality of work performed and the outcomes of their contributions.    

Librarians will undergo performance evaluation of their achievements in professional roles in the library, according to library policy on review and promotion  

When applicable, the evaluation of scholarship, research, and creative activity for instructional, research, or librarian career faculty will include assessment of work quality, impact on field nationally and internationally, and overall contribution to the discipline or program. 

Forms & Templates for Reviews