Career Faculty File Elements

All career faculty promotion files must include the following elements and use the appropriate dossier template.

Eligibility Form

Candidates should work with their unit staff to determine promotion eligibility, using the appropriate eligibility form and follow the outlined process for form completion before including in the dossier. 

More information about eligibility and the eligibility form

Voting Summary

Summary of the unit’s vote. 

Unit's Evaluation & Promotion Policy for Career Faculty

Curriculum Vitae (if applicable)

A comprehensive and current curriculum vitae that includes the candidate’s credentials, appointments, and accomplishments related to their job duties.  

Candidate Statement (if applicable)

A 2–6-page personal statement describing the candidate's performance measured against the unit's criteria for promotion. The personal statement should expressly address the subjects of teaching; scholarship, research, or creative activity appropriate to job description; and service contributions to the academic department, center or institute, school or college, university, profession, and the community. The statement will also include discussion of contributions to institutional equity and inclusion. 

More information about the equity and inclusion component of the candidate's statement 

Waiver Statment

By Oregon law, promotion files are part of the candidate’s personnel file and must be made available to the candidate upon request unless the candidate specifically waives access. Prior to solicitation of reviewers—either internal or external to the UO—the candidate must decide and communicate in writing, signed and dated, the decision regarding access to the evaluation file. 

More information and sample waiver statements 

Scholarship Portfolio (if applicable)

A comprehensive portfolio of scholarship, research, and/or creative activity; and appropriate evidence of national or international recognition or impact.  

Teaching Portfolio (if applicable)

Representative examples of course syllabi or equivalent descriptions of course content and instructional expectations, examples of student work and exams, and similar material.  

Service Portfolio (if applicable)

Evidence of the candidate’s service contributions to their academic department, center or institute, school or college, university, profession, and the community. Such evidence could include white papers authored or co-authored by the faculty member, commendations, awards, op-ed pieces, and/or letters of appreciation. The portfolio may also include a short narrative elaborating on the candidate’s unique service experiences or obligations.  

Professional Activities Portfolio (if applicable)

A comprehensive portfolio of professional or consulting activities related to the discipline. 

External Reviewers (if applicable)

In many cases, evaluations for promotion are carried out internally; that is, letters of evaluation are obtained from only supervisors and/or other UO employees, and there are no letters from reviewers external to the University of Oregon. At a minimum, a letter of evaluation from the candidate’s supervisor is required (e.g., department head for instructors, research mentor for career research faculty). 

For those whose evaluation for promotion includes external review, the process for selection and recruitment of those reviewers closely parallels that for tenure-related faculty. 

More information about external evaluation letters