Faculty service is essential to a vibrant academic community that values shared governance and faculty oversight over academic matters. Faculty at the University of Oregon are expected to be actively involved with curriculum development, administrative committees, and service on behalf of the university community. Faculty members who provide leadership in their departments and schools, as well as to their professional disciplines and the broader public, advance the mission of the university.

Service is taken into consideration during evaluations. The expectations of service levels may vary depending on where faculty are in their careers. Evidence of well-rounded service, however, will include a developing pattern of involvement and leadership at the levels of department, school or college, university, and community. The following are examples of academic and administrative service:

  • Departmental administration and curriculum, personnel, and policy committees or activities College or school administration and committees or activities
  • University administration and committees or activities
  • Service and activities on behalf of the larger community (local, state, national, and inter-national governmental bodies, NGOs, etc.)
  • Academic contributions to community activities either as an individual or as a representative of the university
  • Academic service on behalf of the public interest

Finding Ways to Serve

Individual faculty members should consult with their department head and/or dean to discuss specific service opportunities, particularly those at the department and college level. University-level service typically involves participation on university-level committees, many of which are coordinated through the University Senate and can be found at the committee directory page.

Other university-level ad-hoc committees are often formed to address specific topics of concern to faculty and/or administration. Participation in these is often by invitation and is typically based on a faculty member's particular interests, experiences, or skills.