Staff Instructions for Preparing Career Faculty Promotion Files

The Office of the Provost (OtP) reviews all career instructional, clinical, and librarian faculty promotions. For instructional and clinical faculty promotion submissions, follow the process outlined below. 

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation reviews all faculty promotions in research classifications. For career research faculty promotion submissions, contact

For planning purposes, it is important for OtP to have accurate information about cases that will be submitted. On or before November 1, units should send an email to  with the following information for each candidate: 

  • Full name 
  • UO ID number 
  • UO email address 
  • Department name 
  • School/college 
  • Candidate’s current and proposed rank (e.g., promotion from instructor to senior instructor) 

OtP requires digital submission of all promotion files. The candidate’s file should be prepared digitally at the unit level. Once the unit review is complete, the file is to be forwarded to the dean’s office. Following the dean’s review and recommendation, the dean’s office will submit the primary file and supplementary materials to OtP via Microsoft OneDrive. See below for process details. 

Primary File

The dossier is to be submitted digitally as a single PDF with all elements included. Files not submitted as a single PDF will be returned for reformatting. Units should use the Primary File Template for compiling the dossier. The eligibility form must be confirmed by HR and placed in the dossier before materials are submitted via OneDrive. Please see instructions on the eligibility form. 

Guides, Forms, and Templates

Supplementary Materials

Supplemental materials are to be submitted digitally as possible. Units should use the supplementary file template for submitting materials. If files are not readily available in digital format, contact for alternative arrangements. 

Guides, Forms, and Templates

Submitting the file

Promotion files are to be submitted to OtP using an OtP-provided Microsoft OneDrive “Request for Files” link. All UO employees have access to OneDrive and the “Request for Files” link will be sent to the personnel review staff at the start of winter term in preparation for the submission deadline. If you are unfamiliar with OneDrive or have questions about its use, please contact your IT staff. 

To upload the candidate’s primary and supplementary files in one candidate’s folder to our “Request for Files” link using following steps: 

  1. Create a folder (using your designated school/college process), using the naming convention “[Last name], [First name] – [School/College] - Review Type”. 
    • Upload the primary file into the candidate’s folder. Please use the naming convention “Career promotion file [Last name] AY[2X]”. 
    • Upload supplemental materials into the candidate’s folder as applicable. Please use the naming convention “Career promotion supplemental [Last name] AY[2X]”. 
      • If your candidate has supplementary file types that do not fit within the candidate’s folder or they are file types that need special attention, please email OtP for assistance. 
  2. Select the “Request for Files” link from the OtP email you were sent. 
  3. You can upload all candidate folders for all major reviews in your school/college using the “Request for Files” link provided. 
    • You may also make any corrections by updating the candidate’s folder and resubmitting the materials before the deadline. 
  4. Microsoft Office “Request for Files” will notify OtP when candidate folders are dropped into the online repository. There is no need to email OtP when you complete this process. 
    • Candidates may add material to their files at any time up to the Provost’s decision.  Addenda must be signed and dated and will advance with the file but will not cause the file to be returned to a prior level of review.  
  5. Microsoft Office “Request for Files” will notify OtP when candidate folders are dropped into our online repository. There is no need to email our office when you complete this process. 

Questions about the preparation of the promotion and tenure file can be sent to