Guidance to Update Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)


In AY 2022-2023, all graduate and undergraduate programs at the University of Oregon were tasked with reviewing and revising program learning outcomes for undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificates. These program learning outcomes (PLOs) were input into CourseLeaf by the Office of the Provost (OtP) and are now public facing via the UO Catalog.  

Purpose of Guidance:  

This document is intended to provide guidance for how units should review and update PLOs to ensure that they align with school/college, and institutional learning outcomes, and reflect actual learning in programs.  

Guidance for developing and assessing PLOs can be found in the Undergraduate and Graduate Assessment Guide.  

Reviewing and Updating Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs): 

  • Program learning outcomes (PLOs) should be reviewed annually as part of the UO Annual Program Assessment.  

  • Decennial Program Review provides an opportunity for departments to engage in deeper reflection and should be used to discuss potential changes to PLOs related to shifting institutional, school/college, and departmental priorities.  

  • If it is determined by a program that PLOs should be updated, changes must be submitted in CourseLeaf following the normal program revision process

  • Submission of changes will trigger a workflow for approval.  

  • Changes must be approved by the school/college by the end of winter term in order for changes to appear in the UO Catalog by the following academic year. 

  • Thus, changes should be submitted to CourseLeaf early enough to provide ample time for approval via your internal college/school process by end of winter term.  


For questions about the CourseLeaf submission and approval process please contact Ron Bramhall 

For questions about creating, revising, or assessing PLOs please contact Austin Hocker