Faculty Success

Lori Shontz teaching in Allen Hall
Faculty Success

Resources for leadership, teaching, mentorship, and scholarship.

An excellent faculty is fundamental to promoting and sustaining the highest standards of academic excellence across the university. Faculty success is also inextricably connected to student success and thus tied to the core of our academic mission.

The Office of the Provost is committed to supporting faculty success in a culture of inclusive excellence grounded by the pillars of teaching, leadership, scholarship, and mentorship.

Our goal is to have a transformative impact on faculty development across the stages of their careers with a focus on building a diverse and inclusive academic home and providing support for faculty development and excellence for all faculty - those new to campus and to their careers, those newly promoted and/or tenured, and more senior faculty wanting to hone their skills.

New for 2021, we are offering the September Institute for New Faculty, providing new faculty the opportunity to be in community with one another while being introduced to UO’s culture of inclusion, teaching, mentorship, scholarship, and leadership.


Developing faculty and administrators who feel empowered to address complex challenges and work collaboratively to cultivate more equitable environments across (and beyond) campus.


By defining "teaching quality" and aligning teaching development, evaluation, and reward systems with this definition, UO is creating an inclusive, engaged, and research-informed teaching culture that has the power to shape the experience of every student.


Supporting faculty as they build their network of mentors, while simultaneously developing their own skills as a culturally responsive mentor of students and junior faculty.


Faculty are supported throughout their discovery and creative activity process with writing circles and the UO New Faculty Success program, as well as technical support for grant development and submission.


The University of Oregon recognizes and highlights the work of its faculty members through awards and honors for the excellence and distinction of their work. 

Distinguished Teaching Awards

Fund for Faculty Excellence

Tom and Carol Williams Fund