Clarification of process for Career NTTF renewals

March 31, 2016

Dear Colleagues,

This message serves as clarification of the renewal notification process for bargaining-unit, career non-tenure-track faculty (NTTF). Further information on the non-renewal notification process was provided in a January 28, 2016 email.

Notice must be provided by email to the bargaining-unit faculty member’s official UO email address, using the appropriate template provided on the HR website. If notice is not provided by the timelines listed below, the affected NTTF “shall receive a payment proportional to his or her base salary for the number of days the notice was late” (CBA Article 16, section 5a). Any costs incurred for missing the deadline will be borne by the unit. 

For career NTTF who are not funding-contingent:

·  Notice of renewal or non-renewal must be provided by May 1 of the last year of the faculty member’s current appointment.

·  Notice of renewal must state the duration of the appointment and the expected FTE.

·  Expected FTE should aim to be as close as possible to the actual appointment, and if anything, should be stated conservatively so that it is raised rather than lowered if the anticipated workload is different from what was originally expected.

For career NTTF who are funding-contingent:

·  Funding-contingent faculty must be notified “as soon as practicable.”

·  Notice of renewal must state the duration of the appointment, if it is contingent on funding, and the expected FTE.

·  However, you may not notify funding-contingent faculty of contract renewal until you have the funds available to finance their new appointments.  

Further information on the renewal notification process can be found on the Academic Affairs website under renewal notice.

Thank you for helping ensure that we get out notices of renewal in a timely manner. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Susan Anderson
Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs