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Decennial Program Review


A periodic review of each University of Oregon degree program is essential to maintaining excellence and continuous improvement of our academic programs. In 2022, the University of Oregon launched a revised program review process - a streamlined approach that is mission-oriented and aligns with the University’s vision for the next generation of student success. 

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The Program Review process focuses on central institutional values and priorities, and drives program improvement. It is a 10-year review process with an annual reporting component that updates progress towards goals and is aligned with annual assessment reports that departments/programs already complete.

The links to student success, diversity, and equitable practices are particularly centered in the program review process and are grounded in data. Our approach will ensure that the University of Oregon continues to excel as a world-class research, teaching and learning institution while continuously working towards equitable student success outcomes. 


1. A renewed focus on the institutional mission and rationale for curriculum

2. Alignment with the University’s vision for the next generation of student success- identifying equity and achievement gaps and creating plans for improvement

3. Development of measurable goals that will be part of annual assessment, bringing a continuous improvement approach to the program review

4. A focus on equity in assigning, supporting and recognizing service within a program/department

Program Review Process

There are three types of program review, and each undergoes a slightly different program review process:


Program Review Type Eligibility Type of Reviewers Report type PROGRAM REVIEW Timeline
Program Review with External Reviewers Departments and programs that grant major degrees and the majority of the degrees do not undergo the same specialized professional accreditation Reviewers selected from external institutions Complete UO Self-study

10-year cycle with annual updates on goals

Program Review with Internal Reviewers Departments and programs that do not have major degrees and the majority of the degrees do not undergo specialized professional accreditation Reviewers selected internally from the University of Oregon Complete UO Self-study

10-year cycle with annual updates on goals

Program Review with Specialized Accreditation

Departments and programs that grant degrees of which the majority undergo the same specialized professional accreditation  Specialized accreditation review committee Specialized Accreditation Self-study with UO supplemental information Specialized accreditation cycle with annual updates on goals

Program Review Timeline

Programs/departments undergoing program reviews with internal or external reviewers will follow the 22-month timeline outlined below.
The timeline for programs reviewed with specialized accreditation is currently being developed by the OtP and will be available by 2023. 

    Jan 22

    Program review notification sent to units  

    Request to update program review contacts and permission sent to units

    Feb 22

    Link to Self-Study Outline sent to units

    Link to Self-Study Informational Form sent to units

    Link to standard data sets and dashboard in SharePoint sent to units

    Feb 22-Mar 17

    Units attend data meeting with OtP to review standard data sets and dashboard

    Mar 1 - apr 15

    Units identify potential ERC/IRC members using the External Review Committee Member Identification Qualtrics Survey

    apr 15 - may 30

    OtP and units select 3 ERC/IRC members

    OtP and units confirm site-visit dates for winter/spring terms of the following year

    ERC/IRC members finalized and site-visit schedule uploaded to department/program SharePoint

    DEC 5 

    Self-Study submitted to unit Dean

    DEC 15

    Self-Study uploaded to department/program SharePoint

    Self-Study Informational Form uploaded to department/program SharePoint

    JAN 15 - JUN 1

    ERC/IRC site visits


    4 weeks after ERC/IRC site visit

    ERC/IRC report uploaded to department/program SharePoint


    2 weeks after receipt of ERC/IRC report

    Unit submits ERC/IRC report with any corrections of fact done in track changes to the department/program SharePoint folder.


    2 weeks after submission of factual corrections by unit

    Office of the Provost reviews unit suggested changes, finalizes report and saves to department/program SharePoint folder.

    Nov 1

    Dean or designee uploads the Goal Setting and Implementation Plan to the unit’s SharePoint folder.


    Following submission of Goal Setting and Implementation Plan

    Office of the Provost reviews and finalizes Goal Setting and Implementation Plan. This may include revisions in consultation with dean or designee and unit.

    Dec 15

    Final Goal Setting and Implementation Plan uploaded to unit’s SharePoint folder.

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