Core Themes & Objectives

Core themes are derived from the University Mission Statement

The University of Oregon is a comprehensive public research university committed to exceptional teaching, discovery, and service. We work at a human scale to generate big ideas. As a community of scholars, we help individuals question critically, think logically, reason effectively, communicate clearly, act creatively, and live ethically.

Core Theme I: Exceptional Teaching and Education

The University of Oregon seeks to advance student success—defined by degree progress and quality of educational experience—through engaged, high-impact practices.

Objective 1. Improve student progress toward degree

Objective 2. Improve the quality of the student educational experience

Objective 3. Improve the quality of teaching across the institution

Objective 4. Support excellent graduate programs

Core Theme II: Exceptional Discovery

University of Oregon is a comprehensive research university and endeavors to enhance the impact of research, scholarship, and creative inquiry and monitor the improvement in that impact through the use of appropriate measures of quality and excellence.

Objective 1. Increase competitive grant proposals

Objective 2. Incentivize research, scholarship, and creative activity

Objective 3. Increase the number of prestigious faculty and graduate student awards and honors

Objective 4. Enhance the use of appropriate unit-level measures of quality, equity, and excellence in decision-making and resource allocation

Core Theme III – Exceptional Service

Service is a fundamental value of the University of Oregon and a means for faculty and students to contribute their knowledge and expertise to societal needs and to the disciplinary professions. 

Objective 1. Support the economic vitality of the state and region

Objective 2. Advance college and career readiness in K-12 education

Objective 3. Provide opportunities for students to engage with the community

Objective 4. Encourage service to the professions