Conducting a TTF Search

Coming Soon: Information Specific to the 2019 IHP


All TTF searches approved as part of the 2018 Institutional Hiring Plan (for search year 2018-19) are required to have search plans with active recruitment strategies. This requirement is to support UO’s long-term goal to increase the representation of women and underrepresented communities among the university’s tenured and tenure-track faculty, and overall to maximize the university’s ability to attract and recruit outstanding, highly competitive candidates.

The TTF Recruitment Team (Division of Equity and Inclusion – Yvette Alex-Assensoh and Vickie DeRose, Human Resources – Nancy Nieraeth, Office of the Provost – Melanie Muenzer, Carol Stabile (Interim member), and Anna Shamble) will provide the primary support for this work.


Develop a Search Plan
The development of robust Search Plans with Active Recruitment Strategies (Search Plans) is required before searches may be advertised. The Office of the Provost will review Search Plans as part of the MyTrack search approval process, in consultation with the TTF Recruitment Team as needed. The Office of Human Resources will provide search committees with faculty availability data to help with the completion of their Search Plans. Search committees are expected to use the search practices outlined in Expected Practices for UO Tenure Track Faculty Searches, and to craft their Search Plans using the Search Plan Template. For details on launching a TTF search, see the HR Start a Search page.

Search Plan Orientation
Search chairs for all units with TTF searches are highly encouraged to attend an in-person Search Plans Orientation and Faculty Panel Active Recruitment Strategies Discussion. Other search committee members, unit heads, assistant, associate and divisional deans are encouraged to attend as well. Sessions are posted on the Office of the Provost Workshops page, as well as in MyTrack.

Use Data to Evaluate the Search Response
At the beginning of fall term, or earlier as needed, the Office of Human Resources will provide faculty availability data to the search committee and TTF Recruitment Team, including information on how to interpret the data. At the search close date, HR will provide the applicant pool data to the search committee and the TTF Recruitment Team. If the applicant pool data is not reasonably consistent with availability data and, after discussions with the TTF Recruitment Team and the Executive Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (EVPAA), no compelling case can be made to continue the search with the existing applicant pool, the search committee and/or the EVPAA have the option to discontinue the search. If a search is discontinued at this step, it will be expected to continue as part of the 2019 IHP (for search year 2019-20).

Evaluating the Short-List
Once short-list candidates are selected, Deans are responsible for reviewing the candidates to ensure they meet high standards for joining the university’s tenure-track faculty. In addition, HR will provide Deans and the TTF Recruitment Team with information concerning the diversity of the short-list compared to the overall candidate pool. Deans are responsible for reviewing this information and recommending the cancellation of the search to the EVPAA if significant concerns exist. Whether the search will move forward as part of the IHP for search year 2019-20 after discontinuation at this step will be contingent on the specifics of the situation.

UO Welcome Packet
At the time that candidates arrive for on-campus visits, the search chair or department head will provide them with a standard UO “welcome packet” outlining campus resources, such as benefits and dual career support. The welcome packet will be developed by the TTF Recruitment Team in consultation with the schools/colleges, and may be supplemented by other materials from the search committee. While the comprehensive packet is still under development, an abridged version is now available.

Finalist Approval
At the finalist stage, Deans must receive approval from the EVPAA before extending an offer. Before approving recommended candidates, the EVPAA may ask for a rationale explaining the selection decision. Approved offers will proceed using the TTF Contingent Offer Letter Term Sheet process.

After searches are nearly complete for the year (spring 2019), the Office of the Provost will host an opportunity for search committees to debrief on their search plans and use of active recruitment strategies, including a discussion on how well the TTF Recruitment Team supported these efforts, and other lessons learned.