New & Revised Courses

Approval of new courses or revisions to existing courses must be approved first at the school/college level and then by the Committee on Courses. Beginning in 2015-16, course approvals and revisions are managed through CourseLeaf.

For courses submitted for review during Fall 2018 to count toward a Core Education Area of Inquiry (formerly “general education group requirement) and/or toward one of two new requirements replacing the “multicultural requirement”, “US: Difference, Inequality and Agency”, or “Global Perspectives”, please complete the Core Education Course Proposal Addendum.

The UO Committee on Courses screens all proposals for course changes and new courses, reports its recommendations by quarterly reports to the faculty through the University Senate, and advises the university editor on content and structure of the UO Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin. For more information, please visit the Committee on Courses webpage, paying particular attention to the Procedures for Curricular Changes.

Charge and Responsibilities

The Committee on Courses is responsible for:

  1. Screening all proposals for course changes and reporting its recommendations to the university faculty through the Faculty Senate;
  2. Directing the University editor on the content and structure of the University Catalog;
  3. Consulting with the Undergraduate Council and the Graduate Council on curricular patterns of concern;
  4. Participating, on behalf of the university faculty, in planning the development and improvement of the instructional program of the institution;
  5. Reviewing courses not taught on a regular basis; 
  6. Providing advice and assistance to schools and departments in the planning of the curriculum.