Approval Authority for Sample Syllabus

For both new course and course change proposals, the following table presents the approval authority for department, colleges, and the UOCC.

  • The Sample Syllabus is submitted as supportive documentation for the Course Proposal for both new course proposals and course change proposals.
  • Sample syllabus elements designated as "informational" are submitted only for dicussion purposes and cannot be grounds for voting decisions.
  • Future instructors of the same course might meet the purpose and learning objectives through different formats, assignments, and modalities.
  • Items in italics are constant every time the class is offered.
Sample Syllabus Department College UOCC
Title and course number Approval Approval Final Approval
Number of credits Approval Approval Final Approval
Prerequisites and corequisites Approval Approval Final Approval
Repeatability Approval Approval Final Approval
Instructor information Approval Informational Informational
Course information Approval Informational Informational
Modality Approval Final Approval Informational
CORE Ed/Cultural Literacy designations and
Statements (if applicable)
Approval Approval Final Approval
Course description Approval Approval Final Approval
Learning objectives Approval Approval Final Approval
Course policies Approval Informational Informational
Course materials Approval Informational Informational
Readings Approval Informational Informational
Course requirements and assignments
(with evaluation criteria)
Approval Informational Informational
Basis for grading and grading scale Approval Informational Informational
Schedule of readings and assignments Approval Informational Informational


Source: New Process and Changes to Course-Related Policies, UO Senate, May 24, 2023 | US22/23-20