Current Accreditation Cycle

The NWCCU accreditation process is completed over a seven-year period and guided by five interconnected Standards for Accreditation. UO initiated a new seven-year accreditation cycle in 2018.

NWCCU Accreditation Standards

  • Standard 1. Mission and Core Themes
  • Standard 2. Resources and Capacity
  • Standard 3. Planning and Implementation
  • Standard 4. Effectiveness and Improvement
  • Standard 5. Mission Fulfillment, Adaption, and Sustainability

The standards frame a comprehensive analysis of the university’s ability to provide a quality education within the context of its mission and serve as indicators by which institutions are evaluated by peers.

Accreditation self-study reports are submitted in year one, year three, and year seven. Peer evaluation committees visit the university in years three and seven. In the UO’s current accreditation cycle reports are submitted accordingly:

Reporting CycleReporting TopicReports
2018 - Year 1Self-Evaluation of Standard 1: Mission and Core Themes
2020 - Year 3Mid-Cycle Self-Evaluation of institution’s readiness to provide evidence (outcomes) of mission fulfillment and sustainability in Year 7 
2024 - Year 7Comprehensive Evaluation of all Standards and Eligibility Requirements