Committee for Academic Infrastructure

The Committee for Academic Infrastructure (CAI), formerly known as the Classroom Committee, was formed in 1997 to evaluate classroom facilities within the university's general classroom pool and to facilitate their improvement. CAI is convened by the Office of the Provost and includes teaching faculty members and representatives from the Registrar's Office, Library and Media Services, Campus Planning and Facilities Management, and the Accessible Education Center.


The Committee for Academic Infrastructure is charged with evaluating classroom utilization and quality and advising the Provost through the Space Advisory Group on improving university classrooms. In service to this charge, the CAI regularly: 

  • Consults with various campus constituents regarding classrooms; 
  • Conducts condition assessments of campus classroom facilities; 
  • Reviews and analyzes classroom sizes and makes recommendations as to future campus needs;  
  • Develops and recommends classrooms configurations informed by curricular needs and pedagogical best practices;  
  • Reviews annual classroom utilization statistics;  
  • Evaluates long- and short-term impacts of adding classrooms or changing existing classrooms to non-classroom functions;  
  • Recommends campus classroom design and construction standards which include but are not limited to, finishes, furnishings, ADA requirements;  and 
  • Recommends classroom technology levels. 

Get Involved  

If you are interested in serving on CAI, please contact Chuck Triplett at  or 346-6429.