AY 2023-2024 Unit Policy Review Process

The Office of the Provost will again assist units with the process related to the collective bargaining agreement between United Academics and the University of Oregon, in effect as of August 1, 2022.

This year, units will update three policies:

TTF & Career Faculty Professional Responsibility | Career Review and Promotion | TTF Review and Promotion 

Minor updates to the templates and resources are currently being made. General guidance will be announced via email at the beginning of Fall term 2023. 


Virtual drop-in office hours with Ron Bramhall: every Tuesday and Friday from 9:00-10:00am and by appointment.
Zoom link.

Via email - you can reach out to Ron Bramhall and Karen Ford for consultation. Process-related questions can be directed to Program Manager Denita Strietelmeier.

Process Highlights, Instructions, and Resources

For units who did not update these policies along with their Merit Policy in 2023, the timeline below is for the remaining policy revisions. Linked text will take you to detailed instructions.   

1. Policy Templates and Faculty Designee(s)

Step 1: By default, a unit's head will represent their faculty during this process. Unless arrangements are made between a college and the Office of the Provost, unit heads will serve as a point of contact for the Office of the Provost and be responsible for uploading a faculty-approved version of unit-level policies. Unit heads may identify an additional faculty member to be granted access to the Sharepoint site and receive communications. Use this form to submit the name of the individual.  

Step 2: Download policy templates

Click on the three dots to the right of the file name and select "Download" 


  1. Select the template
  2. In the open template select "File"
  3. Select "Save As"
  4. Select "Download a Copy"

NOTE: Unit policies must be in the template for review and approval. 

Step 3: Units should carefully review Appendix 1 and 2 in the new CBA for implementation agreements, unit-policy development guidelines, and the standards and criteria for major reviews.

Step 4: Faculty complete their unit's draft of the policy 

  • Follow unit shared governance process to develop and approve a revised policy, observing guidance received from dean or others.
  • Submit faculty-approved policy using process described below.
  • Repeat for all three policies
2. Submit Faculty-Approved Policy

Faculty-approved policy drafts are due by the Dean-defined deadline.

Step 1: Unit heads or assigned designees upload faculty-approved policy documents to their folder on the Sharepoint site.

  • If you do not have access to your folder, or the folder structure does not match your unit's governance, contact Program Manager Denita Streitelmeier.
  • Document should be clean (comments and track-changes resolved)
  • Files should be named with one of the following conventions to match the policy type:
    • "UnitName_ProfRespPolicy_FacultyApproved.docx"
    • "UnitName_CareerR&P_FacultyApproved.docx"
    • "UnitName_TTFR&P_FacultyApproved.docx"

Upon upload, the program manager will be notified. Edit privileges will be removed to retain document integrity. A copy will then be sent to the unit's dean for revision and approval. 

3. Deans Review Faculty-Approved Merit Policies

Deans will be emailed a link to a copy of the faculty's draft within 2 days of receipt by OtP.

Step 1: Deans will download the document from the designated Sharepoint site

Click on the three dots to the right of the file name and select "Download" 


  1. Select the template
  2. In the open template select "File"
  3. Select "Save As"
  4. Select "Download a Copy"

Step 2: Deans should use track changes for any edits they make to the faculty document and comments to explain their rationale for substantive changes or edits 

Step 3: Deans send the draft to the unit faculty for comment. Unit faculty may add comments within the document, or submit their comments to the dean via email for upload along with the file. 

4. Final Merit Policy Updates Due to Office of the Provost

Deans are to submit their revisions/approvals to the designated Sharepoint site BY JUNE 15. Submitted draft should leave track changes on. The Office of the Provost will contact Deans with any concerns.

5. Merit Policy Approvals Complete

The Office of the Provost will review submissions within 60 days and contact Deans and faculty designees with approved versions BY SEPT 14.

6. Revised Merit Policies Published

All newly revised and approved policies are published to the Office of the Provost Policies webpage BY SEPT 28.