Faculty Success

UO Summer Teaching Institute

This week-long, in-person event brings faculty together from all schools and colleges for inspiration, collegial connection, critical conversations, and creation of new teaching materials. This year, the institute will focus on the rapid rise of Generative Artificial Intelligence as it impacts teaching and learning. Apply by May 22 to be considered for the institute.

Workshops for Mentees

How to build your mentorship network: During this 1-hour interactive zoom workshop, mentees will learn how to use their agency to develop a robust mentorship network that includes peers, role models, coaches, sponsors, supervisors, advisors, and more.

Workshop for Mentors

How to be a responsive, reciprocal and adaptive mentor:  During this 1-hour interactive zoom workshop, mentors will learn how to help their mentees develop their mentorship network, as well as how to enact the relational characteristics that lead to high quality mentorship.