UO New Faculty Success Program

The UO New Faculty Success Program meets monthly on a Thursday from 12:00-1:30 p.m. October-May. The program offers the opportunity to build relationships with other new faculty while also getting your questions answered by seasoned faculty panelists and facilitators. Participants will engage the NCFDD core curriculum webinar series to complement panel discussions about best practices for success as a faculty at UO. 

If you are interested in joining this program mid-way through the year, please email OtP@uoregon.edu. Applications for the 2024-25 academic year will open in the summer.

Every month the UO New Faculty Success Program will meet to: 

  • Personally connect with a small group of new faculty 
  • Discuss the content of the assigned NCFDD core curriculum webinar
  • Interact with a faculty panel on issues specific to UO 

For questions about this program, or other support for new faculty, please contact the Office of the Provost at OtP@uoregon.edu

Program Overview  

Fall 2023: Navigating the University and Expectations of an Academic Career 

Session 1 — October 5
Faculty Panel: Successfully Navigating the University and Quarter System 
NCFDD webinar: Every semester (term) needs a plan 

Session 2 — November 2
Faculty Panel: Departmental Expectations for Career and Tenure Track Faculty 
NCFDD webinar: How to align your time with your priorities 

Session 3 — December 7
Faculty Panel: Strategies for Enhancing Your Productivity in Research, Creative Practice, and/or Teaching 
NCFDD webinar: How to develop a daily writing practice 

Winter 2024: Successfully Managing Work-Life Balance 

Session 4 — January 25
Faculty Panel: Successfully managing your life as an academic 
NCFDD webinar: Mastering academic time management 

Session 5 — February 22
Faculty Panel: Moving through Resistance and Successful Grant Writing and Fellowships 
NCFDD webinar: Moving from resistance to writing 

Session 6 — March 21
Faculty Panel: Managing Service and Leadership Opportunities and Expectations 
NCFDD webinar: The art of saying no 

Spring 2024: Building Healthy Relationships with Our Work, Students, and Colleagues 

Session 7 — April 18
Faculty Panel: Successfully Cultivating your Network of Mentors, Sponsors, and Collaborators 
NCFDD webinar: Cultivating your network of mentors, sponsors, & collaborators 

Session 8 — May 23
Faculty Panel: Successfully Navigating Challenges in the Classroom 
NCFDD webinar: Overcoming academic perfectionism