Preparing for Winter Term Finals

Steps to Take for Final Exams​

  1. Decide how to complete your winter term courses.
  2. Communicate to students what they need to do to finish the term.
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    Finalizing Winter Term

    As the University of Oregon is taking active measures to increase social distancing, no instructors can hold in-person winter term final exams. Instructors will decide how to complete their courses and communicate their plans to their students.

    Suggestions for Winter Term 2020 final exams.

    Give a take-home final that is delivered and returned electronicallyCreating Canvas Finals
    Offer a remote exam in CanvasCreating Canvas Quizzes
    Cancel final exams and assign grades based on work that is completed through week 10 
    Cancel final exams and offer an optional remote exams for students who request it 

    Communicating with students

    As instructors have flexibility in concluding their courses, it is essential to clearly communicate changes with students via Canvas or email.

    How to communicate to all students in Canvas: Canvas Announcements

    If your Canvas course is not published, make sure to communicate with students via email.

    Need Help? 

    Attend trainings, email TEP, or call us at 541-346-2177.