Help your students switch to UOmail

February 2, 2022

Dear colleagues,

Starting this winter, students who still use Webmail will be upgraded to UOmail, bringing them onto the University of Oregon's common email platform. If you're teaching this term, I would appreciate it if you could help raise awareness of the scheduled transitions to UOmail that start February 9.

These transitions will require students to update their browser bookmarks or email app settings. Without prompt action, students risk missing new emails, such as Canvas notifications for your courses.

Preparing students now will ease their experience and reduce disruptions to your classes. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Show this slide in your classes* and post it in Canvas.
  • Send your students a message through Canvas. Refer them to the UOmail for students webpage.
  • Encourage students to opt in to UOmail.
  • Provide students with contact information for the Technology Service Desk, which can help with UOmail in real time. Students can contact the Tech Desk 6:00 a.m.–midnight every day by live chat, phone (541-346-4357), and ticket.

*Note: This transition affects only students who still use Webmail. All students who've started at the UO since 2020, and many others, already use UOmail.

Students will also be notified by email two weeks before their respective transition dates.

UOmail will give students a mobile-friendly email and calendar system that facilitates connections with classmates and instructors. Thanks in advance for helping them make this positive transition.


Patrick Phillips

Provost and Senior Vice President