FFE Research ASA Funds

Fund for Faculty Excellence (FFE) research/ASA funds are available to enhance instruction, research and other scholarly activities and services at the university.

Unexpended balances remaining at year end will automatically be carried forward into the next fiscal year. Upon separation from the university, faculty forfeits any balances remaining in their FFE research/ASA to the Office of the Provost's FFE account.

FFE recipients may take their award as either a one-time stipend or as research funds, but not both. Additional funds are available for the research option due to other payroll taxes (OPE) associated with a salary award.

FFE research/ASA funds are not available to fund salary augments to any UO faculty member, including compensation in the summer or expenses that would be considered in support of typical departmental operations. Funds can be used to pay for student or GTF wages as they relate to research.

University purchasing guidelines and procedures must be followed with regard to these funds. Similarly, all university travel regulations are to be followed and travel must be related to professional development or research.

As with other purchases made with research/ASA funds, equipment, books, and other supplies purchased with these funds remain the property of the UO. This includes purchases that combine funds and applies even if the majority of funds are from another source such as a faculty member’s personal income.