Faculty Personnel Tools

Join us virtually for vendor demonstrations of faculty personnel tools. These tools will help improve administrative processes like review, promotion, and tenure. They will also allow us to understand the service work performed by faculty in an effort to then build service dashboards to assess and strategize around equitable service. Other features include:

  • customizable CV builder for grant and award applications;
  • checklists and workflows for easier-to-understand dossier development;
  • field specific areas for all faculty content (e.g., book publications, creative works, different teaching formats, etc.);
  • communication tools for faster connection to external reviewers and committee members.

Hear directly from the vendors, see the tools in action, and ask questions about their functionality and usability! Please note that faculty, staff, administrators, and students cannot directly engage with vendors.

Vendor A: Interfolio
Monday, June 5 from 10:00 to 11:00am
Zoom Link (coming soon)
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Feedback Form for Vendor A

Vendor B: Digital Science
Wednesday, June 7 from 10:00 to 11:00am
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Feedback Form for Vendor B

Attendee Rules:

  • Please submit questions through the webinar chat. We will have a facilitator for the conversation and will try to get through as many questions as possible, but please keep in mind we only have an hour to see the demo and ask questions!  
  • Please keep questions appropriate and relevant to the systems/tools being demoed by the vendors. 
  • Attendees cannot provide the proposer/vendor with suggested ways to correct its presentation or provide “right answers” to them.  
  • Attendees cannot disclose information concerning other potential vendors.  
  • Attendees cannot have separate or one-on-one conversations with a proposer/vendor outside of the presence of the evaluation committee. 
  • Attendees cannot record the presentations (audio, video, or other media) as they may reveal confidential information relevant to the evaluation process.  
  • We will be soliciting feedback through a Qualtrics form for each vendor, see above. Feedback will go directly to the evaluation committee for review and consideration.

Evaluation Committee

  • Karen Ford, Chair (Interim Executive Vice Provost), Office of the Provost 
  • Bruce Blonigen, Dean, Lundquist College of Business 
  • Alicia Salaz, Vice Provost and University Librarian, UO Libraries 
  • Andrea Larson, Associate Director, Institutional Research 
  • Kaia Rogers, Chief of Staff and Senior Director, Human Resources 
  • Kelsey Lunsmann, Enterprise Business Architect, Information Services 
  • Jules Jones, Executive Assistant, College of Arts and Sciences  
  • Loring Hummel, Director of Enterprise Architecture, Information Services
  • Katy Krieger, Project Manager, Office of the Provost  

Consulting Team: Please note there is a broader team, made up of constituents across campus, consulting on the RFP who will provide input on processes and materials.

Questions or comments: Email Karen Ford at fordk@uoregon.edu or Katy Krieger at kkrieger@uoregon.edu