Approval of Graduate Online/Hybrid Courses

Approval by the UOCC of a new graduate online or hybrid class requires the consideration of supplemental information including but not limited to:

  1. how classroom time will be replaced with alternative forms of student engagement (engagement between the students and the instructor; and perhaps engagement among the students, as appropriate to the instructional context), and
  2. how online/hybrid versions of existing courses will be equivalent in terms of student-learning outcomes to courses taught in the traditional face-to-face format. The supplemental information provided for online and hybrid courses will need to be included in the materials submitted by proposers; and

Active academic engagement in online and hybrid courses could include, but is not limited to: submitting an academic assignment; taking an exam; participating in an interactive tutorial or computer-assisted instruction; attending a virtual study/project group assigned by the instructor; contributing to an academic online discussion moderated by faculty; and engaging in interaction with the faculty member and class peers related to the academic subject of the course. Providing students with class presentations (e.g. PowerPoint materials accompanied by a recorded audio lecture) will not be sufficient to account for all engagement and merely logging into the electronic classroom will not constitute academic engagement;

Regardless of mode of instruction, online and hybrid courses should be consistent in terms of quality, assessment, learning outcomes, requirements, etc., with courses offered face-to-face with the same department prefix, number, and course title. Credit hours assigned to a course delivered online must equal the number of credit hours for the same course delivered face-to-face. Credit hours will be based on at least an equivalent amount of work as represented in the definition of a credit hour; and

Already existing graduate online and hybrid classes will also be required to follow the above guidelines and will be reviewed by the UOCC for equivalence and appropriate assignment of credit hours.

Approved By: University Senate        Date: 11/02/2016

Motion Number: US16/17-05

Revision History: First version approved 11/02/2016

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