Student Attendance and University-sponsored Events

Student participants (student-athletes, cheerleaders, band members, students attending academic events, etc.) in university-sponsored events may miss class during the term. This is particularly true in terms when certain sports are in season. Because they are missing class for university-sponsored activities, faculty are strongly encouraged to make pedagogically sound and justifiable accommodations that will enable the students to be successful in the classroom. However, this request has limits and conditions:

    1. Students are to share with instructors at the beginning of every term a letter from a university employee that reports what events they are participating in and when they will be absent from class. It is the student’s responsibility to share this letter with their instructors and to discuss attendance conflicts in time to arrange for appropriate accommodations.
    2. In classes with substantial class participation, project or lab work, appropriate accommodations may not be possible. In those instances, the student should be informed that the course is not a good fit in a term with significant projected absences. Under no circumstances should the instructor offer an accommodation that is pedagogically unsound or that would be unavailable to other students. It is especially important that student-athletes in NCAA governed sports are not provided academic extra benefits. See policy here.