Sample Job Advertisements and Evaluation Rubrics

As departments work on drafting IHP proposals and future recruitment announcements, units must include a requirement for applicants to submit a statement on diversity, equity, and inclusion.  More resources will be provided in the coming weeks to help draft these statements and determine how to assess a candidate’s qualifications.  Below are a few initial resources to help departments with this work now:

  • Sample: UC Davis posting that incorporated a strong requirement for candidates to complete a diversity, equity, and inclusion statement as a part of their application.  This sample also includes guidelines provided to candidates on how to draft such statements.
  • Samples: UO statements that could be incorporated into recruitment announcements.  These samples include possible options for requesting candidate statements (as now required by the IHP), as well as samples on how to indicate UO’s support for diversity, equity, and inclusion in announcements.
  • Sample: Rubric developed by UO’s Department of Human Physiology to assess candidate diversity, equity, and inclusion statements.
  • Sample: Rubric developed by UC Berkeley to assess candidate diversity, equity, and inclusion statements.