Religious Observance accommodations (policy)

Upon request, the university will make reasonable accommodations for students who are unable to attend a class due to a religious observance. The student shall provide a completed “Student Religious Accommodation Request” form to the instructor by the end of the second week of the term and make up the examination or other assignment missed because of the absence.

Faculty should not determine on their own that a religious observance request is unreasonable. They should contact the Office of the Provost for guidance if they feel a request is unreasonable.

This policy is operationalized through the “Student Religious Accommodation Request” process found on the University Registrar website. The Office of the Provost website provides a syllabus statement on this subject found under resources below.

Source: University Discrimination policy


Registrar – Religious Observance Calendar and Form

Office of the Provost – Syllabus statement on Religious Accommodation