Post-season Contests

Each term, several University of Oregon athletic teams have a strong possibility of being invited to post-season competition. This type of representation of our university can have many positive ramifications for the full university community.

During fall, winter, and spring terms the Office of the Provost will message faculty members regarding potential competitions. These athletic events are official “university–sponsored events,” and as such, provide a legitimate excuse for student participants (e.g., team members, cheerleaders, band members, etc.) to be absent from regularly scheduled final exams. Student members of these tournament groups are encouraged to speak with their instructors, prior to the athletic event, to arrange for the completion of course work and final examinations in the case of such an anticipated absence. Faculty can verify a student’s membership in an affected group by contacting Leanne Brooks, Assistant Athletic Director at or 541-346-2255.Faculty are authorized to use the following procedures to conduct final exams of affected students:

  1. Official proctored examinations may be given off-campus and administered by a senior tenured faculty member and a senior representative of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. The University Testing Center is also available to proctor exams. The assistant athletic director for academics will work with the faculty member to arrange for the exam, including picking it up from the faculty member and returning the completed exam to the faculty member by express mail. Each exam will be proctored by the senior faculty member. This option is open to student athletes and support-group students (e.g., cheerleaders, band members, etc.)
  2. Makeup examinations may be arranged by the affected student and faculty member. The makeup examination should be scheduled at the soonest opportunity as mutually agreed upon by the student and faculty member. Faculty members should submit the appropriate grade, including an incomplete if the criteria are met, pending completion of the makeup examination.

As long as these alternatives are also available to other students in similar situations, they reflect appropriate accommodations. We recognize that considerable extra work by faculty may be involved in accommodating absent students, and those efforts are greatly appreciated.

If you are faced with a situation you are unable to resolve, please contact us at or (541) 346-3081.