Instructor Availability and Office Hours (Guidance)

Office Hours:

Instructors of in-person, online, or remote undergraduate and graduate courses should provide live, synchronous options for students to meet with them (e.g. office hours) for a minimum total of 2 hours per week during their teaching terms. This should be a mix with both scheduled times and by-appointment times. Flexibility can be offered when an instructor’s course(s) that term already include high contact and engagement with all students, or in terms where an instructor’s teaching load is lower than normal.

Other Availability Guidance:

Instructors should make themselves available to students via email and/or other appropriate online media.

  • Instructors should respond within a reasonable time frame to appropriate student emails.
  • Instructors should provide individual responses to questions pertaining to specific students.
  • Responses to general questions may be achieved by announcements to the class via email or Canvas.
  • Questions on issues that are already clear from the syllabus or other course communications may be addressed with a simple communication pointing students to the appropriate resource.

Approved By: University Senate        Date: 05/19/2021

Motion Number: US20/21-13

Revision History: First version approved 05/19/2021

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