Instructional Modalities

Once approved, courses may be taught in a variety of modalities and need not seek UOCC approval to teach in different modalities. Modality will be decided at the department level at the time of scheduling an individual instance of the course, referred to as a “class”, for any given term. Instructional modality choices should be grounded in pedagogy and student success goals rather than department or instructor convenience. Departments are responsible for ensuring that assigned faculty are adequately trained to teach in specialized modalities such as WEB SYNC, WEB ASYNC or HYBRID. UO Online is available for consultation in the design and delivery of courses with online components. 

Available modalities are:

  • In Person – In person classes take place with instructor and students meeting in the same room at the same time as listed on the class schedule.  
  • Hybrid – Hybrid classes combine reduced classroom instruction with additional online instruction.  All students attend class in person, but the amount of time spent in the classroom is reduced from the standard number of meeting hours per credit and replaced by online learning activities.   
  • Asynchronous Online – Asynchronous Online classes are offered fully online with no scheduled meeting dates or times.  
  • Synchronous Online – Synchronous Online classes are offered fully online with students required to participate in online meetings/lectures on specific days and at specific times as listed on the class schedule. Synchronous Online classes are an exception at UO that requires permission of the Provost's Office. Requests to schedule Synchronous Online classes should include pedagogical and programmatic rationale.
  • Independent/Individualized Study – Individual research or independent study allows a student to work under the individual guidance of a faculty member.  

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