Grades - Grades for thesis and/or dissertation (503/603) (policy)

Students making satisfactory progress in thesis or dissertation (503/603), research (601), and terminal or master’s projects (609, 709, AAAP 611, ARCH 619, BA 740, CRES 611, IARC 611, LA 699 and LT 611) should be given a “P” instead of an “I”. When a student signs up for credits, there should be an expectation of what will be completed in that term even if the thesis, dissertation, research or project is not completed, and that work should be evaluated against those expectations. Available grades for these courses are: “P” (Pass), “N” (No Pass), or “I” (Incomplete) as defined below:

  • “P” (Pass) = Student has made appropriate progress during the term toward completing the work corresponding to the number of credits for which the student registered.
  • “N” (No Pass) = Student has failed to submit work of acceptable quality or is otherwise not making adequate progress toward completing the work for that term.
  • “I” (Incomplete) = Used when the quality of work is satisfactory, but some minor yet essential requirement has not been completed in the timeframe expected.

Choose the appropriate grade for each student and click on "Save Grade Changes." The roster will display only the names of advisees that the faculty member has been assigned to grade by the department.

Note: There is no "Submit Completed Roster" button for individualized study 503/603 CRNs. Grades recorded by faculty for these courses will be submitted by the Registrar's Office (and available to students) at the time of the final posting of grades.