Final Exams (Policy)

Final examinations must be given during the scheduled final examination period. Faculty legislation prohibits the early administration of final examinations. Final examination week is considered to be a part of the regular term, and to end the term prior to its scheduled date reduces instructional days to which students are entitled.

Students who are scheduled for more than three examinations within one calendar day may take the additional examination later in the week. The instructor of record for the course beyond the third examination, counting in the order the examinations are scheduled, will arrange for a makeup examination.

In the event that a student is scheduled for two or more exams at the same time, thefollowing policies assist with resolving the conflict:

  • For regular courses with examinations scheduled at the same time, the course with the largest enrollment must provide an alternate examination;
  • For conflicts between regular courses and combined examinations, the combined examination course must provide the alternate examination;
  • For combined examinations with conflicts, the largest combined enrollment course must provide the alternative examination

Approved By: University Senate        Date: Spring 2003


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