Deb Bauer

Deb Bauer


Courses: BA 318, FIN 316, FIN 380, BA 718 

In my courses you will: 

  • Make connections to lived experiences and real-world challenges.
  • Practice foundational, transferrable skills. 

I was invited into the Teaching Academy because: 

  • I am an Ersted Award Recipient.
  • I participated in the UO Summer Teaching Institute. 

In what ways are you working to make your teaching inclusive?

My goals for teaching are to have students gain fundamental skills they will use in their careers and to learn to think critically about business decisions. In my courses, students are able to construct understanding together, challenge one another’s assumptions, ask questions, draw on relevant personal experiences, and afford each other the respect and interest that characterize successful classroom discussions. Many of my classes focus on the everyday financial decisions students will have to make in their lives and examples are rooted in real world issues. I use transparent assignments, measurable learning objectives, and Universal Design in all of my courses. Particular attention is paid to accessibility in my online courses. My goal is for every student to have a positive learning experience where they can demonstrate knowledge without barriers to success. 

What do you do in terms of professional engagement with the teaching and learning culture on campus or nationally? 

To further my professional development and teaching effectiveness, I have participated in numerous workshops over the years. My most recent engagement has focused specifically on diversity, equity, and inclusion including a webinar titled "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Moving from Talk to Action", a one day seminar titled "Delivering an Inclusive and Diverse MBA Curriculum and Classroom Experience", and a campus based workshop on "Understanding Implicit Bias". I also lead international business experiential learning courses for graduate students which continue to expand my worldview and allow me to develop a network of international peers. 

In what ways was your teaching in this course research-led—informed by research on how students learn and inflected by UO's research mission?

In the classroom I strive to prepare our students to excel in the global economy by continuing to teach applicable skills, build student character, and integrate technology. Each course starts with student centered goals and utilizes active learning to achieve course objectives. Students are exposed to challenges and opportunities related to their career paths and get hands on experience with the content. One example is a real-time stock portfolio team project where students "invest" in stocks of their choosing, track results, and evaluate performance compared to the market and mutual funds. This experiential activity engages students in real world skills using technology to learn concepts and includes a critical reflection piece to solidify their learning. 

What is your favorite TED Talk or podcast? 

My favorite TED talks are the ones by Brené Brown. She reminds us that we are all humans, managing complex emotional lives, and this matters in the professional world. It is so important to remember the human side of every person you interact with and also to take time to practice gratitude for everything going right in life. I love her combination of research and storytelling.