Christina Karns

Psychology and Clarke Honor's College 

Courses: Psychoactive Drugs, Developmental Psychology, Research Methods, Neuroscience Perspectives 

In my courses you will: 

  • Make connections to lived experiences and real-world challenges. 
  • Learn with and from peers. 

I was invited into the Teaching Academy because: 

  • I participated in the UO Summer Teaching Institute. 

In what ways are you working to make your teaching inclusive?

I work to make learning active, with multiple ways to engage with material. I create a learning community through participation, peer learning, and interactive discussions. 

What do you do in terms of professional engagement with the teaching and learning culture on campus or nationally? 

I continue to learn inclusive practices through workshops, articles, and seminars. 

In what ways was your teaching in this course research-led—informed by research on how students learn and inflected by UO's research mission? 

Student learning activities are mapped to learning objectives. Formative assessments offer opportunities to gain competence and confidence in understanding challenging materials prior to summative assessments. Reflective learning is embedded in in-class and at-home activities. Current controversies in science are presented to illustrate the changing nature of evidence-based knowledge. 

Why do you love psychology?

I am a brain nerd! I enjoy the challenge of presenting challenging scientific concepts in creative ways. I often hear that students enjoyed sharing an example from class with family members or friends. I balance teaching with a busy research career that involves designing and conducting experiments, supervising student researchers, analyzing data, writing scientific manuscripts and writing grants. Besides brain research and teaching, I also love great music, inspiring art, and my family and friends.