Audrey Lucero

Audrey Lucero

Education Studies | 541-346-8069

Courses: Foundations of Literacy; Constructing Meaning through Literacy; Developing Thoughtful Literacy Practices; Bilingualism and Biliteracy

In my courses you will:

  • Make connections to lived experiences and real-world challenges.
  • Interact during exciting, participatory class meetings.

I was invited into the Teaching Academy because:

  • I participated in the UO Summer Teaching Institute.

In what ways are you working to make your teaching inclusive?

One of the major assignments for my undergraduate "Foundations of Literacy" course is for students to present a multimedia presentation about an area in which they consider themselves to be highly literate (knowledgeable). This gives them an opportunity to make connections to each other and to the course content, as well as to appreciate the fact that everyone has strengths and areas of expertise.

What do you do in terms of professional engagement with the teaching and learning culture on campus or nationally?

In addition to participating in the Summer Teaching Academy, I have had TEP facilitators observe my class to give feedback. I am also working with a colleague in my department to re-design a course to be more collaborative across content areas.

In what ways was your teaching in this course research-led—informed by research on how students learn and inflected by UO's research mission?

I have re-tooled some of my assignment descriptions to make them more transparent using the UNLV template I got at the Summer Teaching Workshop. I am also using "The Ultimate Cheatsheet for Critical Thinking" to frame my winter course.

Who or what led you to this discipline?

I became interested in conducting research and teaching courses on bilingualism and literacy because of my own experience as a first-grade teacher. Working with kids who spoke languages other than English at home and struggled—or were highly successful—with reading in English made me wonder what schools could do to better serve these children. I also love to read and spend much of my free time doing so. I am typically reading 3-4 books at a time, both fiction and non-fiction. Lately I have been reading lots of graphic novels and memoirs, inspired by this year's Common Read, The Best We Could Do.