Approval of Undergraduate Online/Hybrid Courses

Approval by the UOCC of a new undergraduate online or hybrid class will require a description from the proposer of how classroom time will be replaced with alternative forms of engagement of students with the academic content and engagement between the students and the instructor, and perhaps engagement among the students, as appropriate to the instructional context. Providing students with class presentations (e.g. PowerPoint materials with associated recorded audio lecture) may be included in this category but will not be sufficient to account for all engagement.

Already existing undergraduate online and hybrid classes and new online versions that are added to existing classes will also be required to follow this model and will be reviewed by the UOCC for equivalence and appropriate assignment of credit hours by Fall 2019 or after being taught 3 times since Spring 2016

Approved By: University Senate        Date: 04/06/2016

Motion Number: US15/16-22

Revision History: First version approved 04/06/2016

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