Appropriate & Inappropriate Interview Questions

NameDo you have any professional information under a different name?What is your maiden name?

Do you go by Miss, Mrs., or Ms.?

Family StatusDo you have any responsibilities that conflict with job attendance or travel requirements? (Must be asked of all applicants.)Are you married?

What is your spouse’s name?

What is your maiden name?

Do you have any children?

Are you pregnant?

What are your childcare arrangements?

RaceNoneWhat is your race?

(You may inquire about availability for weekend work.)

What is your religion?

Which [place of worship] do you attend?

What are your religious holidays?

ResidenceWhat is your address?Do you own or rent your home?

Who resides with you?



Are you male or female?
AgeIf hired, can you offer proof that you are at least 18 years of age?How old are you?

What is your birthdate?

How close to retirement are you?

Sexual OrientationNone 
Arrests or Convictions of a CrimeHave you ever been convicted of a crime? (You must state that a conviction will be considered only as it relates to fitness to perform the job being sought.)Have you ever been arrested?
Citizenship or NationalityCan you show proof of your eligibility to work in the U.S.?

Are you fluent in any languages other than English?

(You may ask the second question only as it relates to the job being sought.)

Are you a U.S. citizen?

Where were you born?

DisabilityAre you able to perform the essential functions of this job with or without reasonable accommodation?Are you disabled?

What is the nature or severity of your disability?