1996-1997 Williams Fund Recipients

A departmental curricular initiative led by Richard Koch, Gary Seitz and Brad Shelton in the Department of Mathematics: "Rethinking the Teaching of Calculus."

Concern for proficiency in mathematics among American students moved these members of the Department of Mathematics to search for better ways to teach entry-level math courses, especially calculus.

Focusing on new instructional methods that interest more students and taking into consideration the different ways in which students learn, they decided to adopt an approach that is heavily concept-driven and graphic in nature. In addition, students are split into small groups, encouraged to work cooperatively and play a role in the development of class materials.

Williams funding made possible an essential part of the plan – classroom projection equipment that enables presentations to be viewed clearly in the classroom by all students. The implementation of the proposal also serves as an example for other mathematics courses where this approach might be useful, including business calculus, discrete math, linear algebra, mathematical modeling analysis, networks, and statistics.